Liquid Cooling Kit

Copper Water Block
Clips for 478 P4 & AMD
Quiet Radiator
Water Pump
Back-up Receiver
Water Tubes


Liquid Cooling Kit - Part # 650081

- Water block is pure copper design provides maximum heat transfer rate. Specially processed to prevent copper oxidation.

- The innovative low speed fan on the radiator can reduce the system noise and maximize the heat exchange efficiently.

- Back-up receiver stores additional water to ensure that system is full at all time.

Chassis Requirement

- Chassis Dimension: Height 20.6” x Width 8.1” x Depth 18.6”

- Copper Radiator clearance requirement: H 3.6” x W 5.7” x D 4.0” from the base to Driver bay

- Water Pump clearance requirement: H 4.7” x W 5.3” x D 2.0” inside the chassis.

- External Back-up Receiver does not have to be installed to use this kit, if you choose to not install this back-up make sure to check the water level in your Pump Bi-monthly.



Beginners Cooling Kit - Part # 650089

No. 1 Mini Size Best Buy Water Cooling Kit
Universal model for Intel P4-478, AMD K7
Super Silent
Easy Installation
Excellent Performance
The whole unit is shipped in one piece, no water leakage problem
Dimension (with housing): 95*85*29mm
Material: Copper(Heatsink and Pipe)
Fan Dimension: 80*80*25mm
Bearing System: One Ball One Sleeve Bearing
Fan Speed: 3000+/-15%RPM
Air Delivery: 38.88+/-15%CFM
Noise Level: 32+/-2dBA
Rated Voltage: DC 12V


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