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Asus SPAX-M Motherboard

Part # 540644

Motherboard Image

Motherboard Specifications

Asus SPAX-M Motherboard, micro atx socket 7 motherboard

  • ATX Form Factor
  • The highest CPU speed is 366Mhz
  • 2 DIMM Slots
  • Dual USB
  • PS/2 Keyboard Port
  • PS/2 Mouse Port
  • 2 PCI Slots
  • 2 ISA Slots
  • 2 IDE Connections
  • Floppy Connection
  • Serial DB9 Port
  • Parallel DB25 Port
  • 15 Pin SVGA Port
  • SIS 5598 Integrated 3D Video
  • Wake on LAN Connector
  • VESA Feature Connector
  • 3 Fan Power Supply Connectors

    Clock Rates Supported
  • 66MHz

    Voltages Supported
  • 2.0V, 2.1V, 2.2V, 2.5V, 2.8V, 2.9V, 3.2V, 3.3V, 3.4V, 3.5V

    Multipliers Available
  • 1.5X, 2.0x, 2.5x, 3.0x, 3.5x, 4.0x, 4.5x, 5.0x, 5.5x

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Asus SPAX-M Motherboard, socket 7 micro atx motherboard