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ATREND  ATC 6310V-01 

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Atrend ATC6310-01 MODEL
Supports one IntelŪ Celeron™ Processor (SEPP) up to 533MHz*, PentiumŪ II Processor (SECC or SECC-2) up to 450MHz or PentiumŪ III Processor (SECC-2) up to 733MHz in Slot 1 CPU ratio selection from 3.0x to 8.0x CPU frequency selection from 66MHz to 150MHz Auto-detection of CPU core voltage from 1.3V to 3.5V
* PPGA versions require our FC370 CPU adapter for Slot 1 compatibility
VIA Apollo Pro133 chipset supports a 66MHz, 100MHz or 133MHz Front-Side Bus Winbond 977 Ultra I/O chipset
Award BIOS supports PnP, Desktop Management Interface (DMI), Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI), INT 13 extension, Green power features, Anti-Virus protection and is CD-ROM, LS-120, ZIP and SCSI bootable Hot key at boot failure allows user to press "Insert" key to easily clear CMOS memory and recover BIOS settings
Three 168-pin Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) sockets support up to 1.5GB of high-performance Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM), including PC/66, PC/100, PC/133 and ECC; also supports EDO RAM
One 32-bit AGP slot supports 1X and 2X modes
Three 32-bit PCI slots support full bus-mastering capabilities Two 16-bit ISA slots for supporting legacy cards (1 ISA/PCI slot is shared)
PCI Enhanced IDE Built-in Onboard
One high-speed parallel port which supports SPP, ECP and EPP modes
Two high-speed serial ports based on the 16550 UART
Support for two Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports; optional cable required
One TX/RX header for supporting IrDA-compatible InfraRed One AT-style keyboard connector and one PS/2-style mouse connector, header-to-PS/2 connector bracket included
On-board support for Creative SB-LINK PC/PCI connector and cable maintains DOS legacy in PCI audio
Baby AT format
P8/P9 Baby AT and 20-pin ATX power connectors
Dimensions: 220mm (8.75") x 230mm (9.0")