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ECS K7VMA Motherboard

Part# 541619

Motherboard Image

Motherboard Specifications

ecs k7vma motherboard


  • VT82C686A/B included 256 bytes of CMOS SRAM
  • With CMOS hardware clear jumper


  • 4 PCI slots, 1 AGP slot, 1 AMR slot


  • Award 2MB Flash EEPROM
    • Supports Plug and Play 1.0A, AMP 1.2, Multi Boot, DMI
    • Support for ACPI revision 1.0 specification


  • ATX (304mm*220mm)
  • 462 pin Socket A supports the AMDŽ Athlon (K7) processors up to 1.2GHz(100MHz FSB)
  • AMDŽ Duron processors up to 850MHz
  • Full series of Athlon processors including the newest Duron and Thunderbird processors


  • VIAŽ VT8365 (NB) & VT82C686A/B (SB)
    • Support AGP 2.0 specification (4X)
    • Integrated Savage4 2D/3D video Accelerator (2 to 32MB shared memory)
  • Super I/O - Integrated in VT82C686A/B
  • System Hardware Monitor: Integrated in VT82C686A/B
  • AC97 Audio Codec: Compliant with AC97 2.1 specification


  • Three 168-pin DIMMs sockets for 3.3V SDRAM (Ready for PC133)
  • Maximum: 1.5GB


  • Supports Plug and Play function
  • PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse connectors
  • Four USB Ports (Two USB Connectors as header onboard)
  • 1 - EPP/ECP mode parallel port
  • 2 - 16550 high-speed serial I/O ports
  • Audio ports (Line-in, Line-out, Mic-in, CD-in and game port)
  • Dual PCI IDE interfaces - support four IDE devices (PIO mode 4, DMA Mode 2, Ultra DMA 66/100)
  • Supports 360K~2.88M Byte, 3 mode FDDs or LS120
  • ATX power supply connectors
  • Ports, headers and others:
    • IrDA header
    • Extra USB Header
    • Green, HDD, Power indicator LED headers
    • CPU and case fan headers
    • LAN Card Wake Up / Modem Ring Wake-Up headers

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ECS K7VMA Motherboard