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Epox EP-7KXA+ Motherboard

Part # 541750

Motherboard Image

Motherboard Specifications

Epox EP-7KXA+ motherboard

Motherboard ModelEP-7KXA+
CPU Support: AMD Athlon Slot A
 VIA Apollo KX133 Chipset + VIA VT82C686A
System Memory:
 3 SDRAM DIMM sockets, PC-100
 Maximum Memory 768MB
 Expansion Slots:
 1 AGP slot 4x
5 PCI slots 
 On Board Audio:
 VIA VT82C686A integrated sound
1 x FDD. 2 floppies max
2 x UDMA 66 Bus Master IDE, 4 drives max
2 x USB 1.1 

Hardware Monitoring:
Hardware Monitoring Function provided by VIA
Keyboard Power On (KBPO) 
Wake On Lan (WOL) 
 Form Factor & Dimensions: 
 ATX Form Factor. 
Award/Phoenix BIOS v6.0

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