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Gigabyte GX-6GXU Motherboard

Giga-Byte GA-6GXU


Gigabyte GX-6GXU
Intel® Pentium® II/III Xeon, 400 to 650MHz
Slot 2 socket for future processor support
100/112*/124*/133* MHz System Bus
AUTO Detect CPU Voltage
Clock multiplier 4.0/4.5 .... /6.5
Intel® 440GX AGPset
Winbond 83977 I/Oset
Adaptec 7890 Ultra 2 SCSI
Winbond 83782 Health chip
Includes DualBIOS TM technology; 2Mbit Flash RAM
Award BIOS with Enhanced ACPI Features for PC98/Win98 compliance, Green, PnP, DMI, INT13 (>8.4GB) & Anti-Virus functions
IDE#1 ~ #4, SCSI, LS120, ZIP & CD-ROM bootable
Auto-detect & report system health status
8MB to 2GB DRAM size
4 * 3.3V DIMM Sockets
Supports 8/16/32/64/128/256/512MB SDRAM DIMM Modules
Supports ECC Type DIMM Module (72bits)
1 * AGP Slot Supports 66/133MHz Speeds
4 * PCI Slot Supports 33MHz & PCI 2.2 compliant
3 * ISA Slot
1 x External & 1 x Internal Ultra 2 SCSI (80Mbytes) ports on board
1 x Ultra Wide SCSI (40Mbytes) & 1 x Ultra SCSI (20Mbytes) ports on board
2 * Ultra DMA33 Bus Master IDE ports on board
1 * FDD, 1 * COM, 1 * LPT, PS/2 Keyboard, PS/2 Mouse on board
2 * USB ports on board
IrDA TX / RX Header (optional)
ATX , 4 layer PCB (30.7*25.4 cm)

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