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Intel SE440BX-2 Motherboard with audio

Part # 542758

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Intel SE440BX-2 Motherboard with audio, se440bx2 slot 1 motherboard with on-board sound MODEL
Intel SE440BX-2 with audio
Single PentiumŪ III processor up to 600MHz, PentiumŪ II processor or IntelŪ Celeron™ processor
66 MHz and 100 MHz host bus speeds
Integrated 512 KB second-level cache on the Pentium III processor and Pentium II processor
Integrated 128 KB second-level cache on the Intel Celeron processors 300A MHz, 333 MHz, 366 MHz, 400 MHz, and 433 MHz
242-contact slot connector
Three 168-pin dual inline memory module (DIMM) sockets
Supports up to 768 MB of synchronous DRAM (SDRAM)
Supports error checking and correcting (ECC)
Intel 82440BX AGPset & PCI/IDE Interface
Intel 82443BX PCI/AGP controller (PAC)
Integrated PCI bus mastering controller
Integrated Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP)  controller
Intel 82371EB PCI ISA IDE Xcelerator (PIIX4E)
Multifunction PCI-to-ISA bridge
Universal Serial Bus (USB) and DMA             controllers   
Two fast IDE interfaces, that support up to four IDE drives or devices
Power management logic
Real-time clock
One ISA slot
Three PCI slots
One shared PCI/ISA slot
On-Board audio
On-Board audio saves you a card slot
SMC FDC37M707 Super I/O controller
Two USB ports
Intel/Phoenix BIOS
Onboard AGP connector
Plug and Play compatible
Single-jumper configuration
Advanced Power Management (APM) 1.2
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) 1.0
PCI Power Management
Wake on Ring connector
ATX form factor (12" x 7.75")

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