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Soyo Model SY-6IBM Motherboard

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Slot-1 Based MicroATX Motherboard with ATI AGP VGA and Yamaha Audio
Supports the following processors
- 100MHz FSB Pentium III Processors 450/500 MHz
- 100MHz FSB Pentium II Processors 350/400/450 MHz
- 66MHz FSB Pentium II Processors 233/266/300/333 MHz
- 66MHz FSB Celeron Processors 266~300MHz
- 66MHz FSB Celeron Processors 300A~433 MHz with integrated 128KB full speed L2 cache
Intel 82440BX two chip AGPset
System Memory
Three 168-pin DIMM sockets support up to 768MB
On-Board 3D AGP VGA Subsystem
- ATI RAGE 128VR,Fully integrated, 128-bit graphics and multimedia accelerator for Workstation class grahic performance
- Supports 8MB SDRAM memory configuration
- Integrated 230MHz DAC allows 85Hz refresh rate at 1920x1440 resolution
- Integrated superior video features and MPEG-2 motion compensation for software DVD
On-Board 3D Audio Subsystem
- Yamaha YMF740 PCI Plug & Play audio chip
- 16 bit stereo full duplex with 48KHz sampling rate
- DirectSound/DirecMusic Hardware Acceleration
- PC 98 compliant
Expansion Slots
- Three 32-bit Bus Mastering PCI slots (v2.1 compliant)
- One 16-bit ISA slots
On Board Ultra I/O Chip
- Winbond W83977TF I/O chip
- Two RS-232 serial ports (16550 UART compatible)
- One Parallel printer port (SPP/EPP/ECP mode)
- One FDD port (Supports LS120, 3 mode, 1.2/1.44/2.88MB FDD)
- Provides IrDA port with optional cable for transceiver
Two Ultra DMA-33 IDE ports
- Supports two independent channels for four IDE devices
- Supports up to PIO mode 4 and Ultra DMA/33
- Two PCI bus mastering ATA E-IDE ports
Board Dimensions
- Four layers, 24.4 cm x 22 cm (9.6" x 8.7")
- Micro ATX form factor
PC Health Monitoring
- Seven on-board voltage monitors for CPU core, CPU VTT, +5V, -5V, +12V, -12V, and 3.3V
- Supports up to 4 speeds of fan control
- Fan speed monitor
- Precision CPU temperature monitoring through CPU on-die thermal diode
- Battery low detection
Boot-Block Flash BIOS
- Award PCI BIOS with green, ACPI, APM, plug and play, DMI functions, and Year 2000 complaint
- Supports multiple-boot from E-IDE / SCSI /CD-ROM / FDD / LS120 / ZIP
- 2 Mbit Flash ROM
Double Stack Back-Panel I/O Connectors
- PS/2 Mini-DIN mouse & keyboard ports
- Two USB ports
- One D-Sub 9-pin male Serial ports
- One D-Sub 25-pin female printer port
- One Joystick Port
- Audio I/O : LINE-Outx1 , LINE-Inx1, MIC JACK x1
- One D-Sub 15-pin VGA Port
FCC Class B and CE EMI Regulation Compliant

For Pricing information on Soyo motherboards, Click Here.

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Soyo makes quality motherboards for the Intel Pentium and the Intel Pentium II CPU's. Even though Soyo makes quality motherboards, they are not priced too high. Soyo quality motherboards will certainly fit your budget.