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Supermicro P6SBM Motherboard

Part # 544278

Supermicro P6SBM Motherboard, micro ATX slot 1 motherboard


The SUPER P6SBM running at bus speed of 66/100 MHz, supports single Intel Pentium III/II and Celeron Slot1 233-700 MHz processors. The P6SBM is based on Intel’s 440BX chipset, which enables AGP, 66/100 MHz SDRAM, concurrent PCI and Ultra DMA with a 33 MB/s burst data transfer rate.

The SUPER P6SBM comes with 3 PCI and 1 ISA slot (including one ISA/PCI shared slot) and an AGP connector. AGP reduces contention between the CPU and I/O devices by broadening the bandwidth of graphics to memory. It delivers a maximum 532 MB/s 2x transfer mode, which is quadruple the PCI speed. AGP offers a quantum-leap improvement in 3D graphics performance with far richer texture content!

The SUPER P6SBM is a microATX (9.6” x 8.05”) form factor board that can accommodate a total of 768 MB 3.3V EDO or 384 MB unbuffered SDRAM memory at 66 MHz in 3 168-pin DIMM sockets.

Onboard ESS Solo1 PCI Audio with emulated 3D sound offers quality sound for PC entertainment.

Included I/O: 2 EIDE ports, a floppy port, an ECP/EPP parallel port, PS/2 mouse and PS/2 keyboard, 2 serial ports, an infrared port and 2 USB ports.

Other features that maximize customer satisfaction and provide simplicity in managing the computer are
  • PC 98-ready and support for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI).
  • With PC Health Monitoring, you can protect your system from problems even before they occur.
  • Overheat LED indication connector
  • Three tachometer fan connectors, which includes a thermal control tachometer fan connector for preventing system overheating.
  • Onboard auto-switching power regulator
  • Wake-on-LAN allows for remote network management and configuration of the PC, even in off-hours when the PC is turned off. This reduces the complexity of managing the network.
  • DMI support
  • ACPI/APM power management
  • RTC wakeup
  • External modem ring-on
  • Keyboard wake-up
  • Power-up mode control upon recovery from AC power loss
  • Simple jumper settings

PC Health Monitoring
-Seven onboard voltage monitors for CPU core/s, CPU I/O, +3.3V, ± 5V, and ± 12V
-Three-fan status monitor with firmware/software on/off control
-CPU/chassis temperature monitoring
-CPU fan auto-off in sleep mode
-CPU overheat alarm, LED and control
-Chassis intrusion detection
-System resource alert
-Hardware BIOS virus protection
-Auto-switching voltage regulator for CPU core, up to 20A of current

ACPI/PC 98 Features
-Microsoft OnNow
-Slow blinking LED for sleep-state indicator
-BIOS boot support for USB keyboard
-Real-time clock wake-up alarm
-Main switch override mechanism
-Remote modem ring-on when system is in SoftOff state

The SUPER P6SBM comes with a CD loaded with software utilities such as: ESS Solo1 PCI audio drivers, AudioRack utility, SUPERMICRO PIIX4 Upgrade Utility for Win95, a BIOS Flash Upgrade Utility, a DMI Browser for Win95, a DMI Wizard, SUPERMICRO SUPER Doctor Utility ver.1.30, and Intel's LANDeck Client Manager for Windows95/NT.

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Supermicro P6SBM Motherboard, micro ATX slot 1 motherboard