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Agfa ePhoto CL18 Digital Camera

Agfa ePhoto CL18 Digital Camera

We know. You’ve been waiting for a while. For a digital camera that does what you want -nothing more and nothing less. A digital camera that lets you take up to 32 images and download them right into your computer. Plus software that helps you e-mail images directly to your friends. 

With an internal memory similar to a roll of film, this digital camera doesn’t have the hassle and expense of external memory cards. A digital camera that works the way you do -
fast, easy and electronic.



We’ve added a bit of a surprise: this sleek, little, palm-sized unit
also doubles as a quality video conferencing camera for your on-line chats. So forget that extra purchase. The ePhoto CL18 does it all: digital photos to e-mail, digital images to print, video conferencing, and more!

The Agfa ePhoto CL18 is small. So don’t be afraid to throw it
in your pocket or bag and take a few shots of your day about town to share with friends the next day. With a built-in flash and 2 MB internal memory, you can take up to thirty-two 640 x 480 pixel pictures in one go. Plus when you’re back home, just plug in the camera using its fast USB connection and download those shots. You don’t even have to worry about a power supply since the ePhoto CL18 takes full advantage of USB’s capability to supply the camera with power.

Or the next time you feel like chatting on-line with a friend, just whip out your ePhoto CL18, mount it on the camera mount, plug in the USB and off you go. Quality images of each other on-line! You can even use the universal mini-video output plug to display your shots on a TV.

The CL18 is compatible with Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Win Me.


Product Specifications: ePhoto CL18 Digital Camera
Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
Dual Mode: Point-and-Shoot digital camera with video conferencing feature
Interface: USB
Internal Memory: 2 MB Flash non-removable
Number of pictures:
32 images (standard compression)
16 images (low compression)
Flash: Built-in Flash (Auto / Off)
White point balance: Manual
Processing speed: 6 - 7 seconds
Shutter Speed: 1/30 - 1/700 second
ISO (sensitivity): Equivalent to ISO / ASA 200
Self timer: 10 seconds
Transmission speed: USB: 100kbytes/second
Video out: NTSC or PAL
Tripod mount: Standard
Dimensions (W, H, D): 105 x 66x 37 mm
Weight: 117 grams
Power source: Includes 2 AA Alkaline Duracell™ Ultra Batteries (can use Alkaline, NiMH, NiCd, Lithium) and 5V from USB port
  • Corel Print House 5™
  • Corel Photo House 5™ with Agfa PhotoGenie™ QuickFix technology
  • ArcSoft VideoImpression™
  • Windows NetMeeting
  • AGFAnet Print Service Client Software
Minimum PC system requirements:
  • PC with USB port
  • Pentium processor
  • 32 MB RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Windows 98
  • 100 MB Hard Disk
Platform: PC only (Microsoft Windows 98)

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