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Canon PowerShot S20 Digital Camera

3.34 Megapixel Capacity
Digital photography, like analog photography, is about clarity. The S20's 0.56" inch CCD has over 3.3 million pixels, providing PowerShot rich color, high-resolution and large-image-size capacity. Once again, Canon has lived up to its proud legacy of technological quality and photographic excellence.

USB Connection
Part of being digital is about communication. Specifically, it's about the ability of your PowerShot camera to communicate with your computer. The PowerShot S20 brings your communications into the digital universe with its cross-platform USB connection. By connecting your S20 to your computer (PC or Macintosh) via the included USB cable you can download your photographs at 20 times the rate of the older serial connections. With today's high-capacity storage devices, a quicker download is essential, and with the USB connection, you can now communicate at digital speed.

Digital photography provides the wonderful ability to capture high-resolution large-size photographs, with stunning color and rich detail. The only problem: where to put these photographs, which can have file sizes well over a megabyte each. Floppies can't stand up to the task of holding even a few of these high-quality pictures.

Enter the CompactFlash card.
The PowerShot S20 camera comes with a CompactFlash card, like a little digital hard drive, which can hold up to 16MB worth of images. That's more storage space than a handful of floppies. And you can get CompanctFlash cards in sizes from 2MB cards all the way up to the IBM microdrive, at 340MB. It's like loading 45 rolls of 35mm film all at once.

With PowerShot and the CompactFlash card you never need to worry about film or space again. You know you can rely on Canon to deliver the rich high-quality photograph you want, and you always have room to store it. PowerShot makes room for your photographs in the digital present while making space for you in the digital future.

Canon Lenses
Today's digital cameras are technological marvels, with abilities unthought of even a few years ago. However, ultimately digital cameras are just that, cameras, and like all cameras they are only as good as their lenses. Canon has been in the business of making great lenses since the 1940s. The camera's electronic components, from the CCD to the CompactFlash card, all rely on the camera lens to deliver a clear, sharp, high-quality image. With the all-glass aspherical Canon lenses in every PowerShot camera, you get the image quality you need. Look at the world through your mind's eye, but photograph it through a Canon lens.

Image Capture Device 1/1.8 inch Charged-Coupled Device (CCD)
Resolution 3.34 megapixels
Zoom 2x, 4x
Focal Length 6.5 (wide angle) - 13 (telephoto) mm; 35mm film equivalent:  32 - 64 mm
Maximum Aperture F/2.9 (wide angle) - F/4.0 (telephoto)
Focusing Range Standard: 66cm (2.2 ft) - infinity
Macro: 12cm (0.4 ft) - 66cm (2.2 ft)
Optical Viewfinder Real-image optical viewfinder
Magnification 0.35 (wide angle) - 0.70 (telephoto)
LCD Viewfinder Type 1.8 inch low-temperature polycrystalline silicon TFT LCD
LCD Pixels 113,578 dots (521 x 218)
LCD Viewfinder Coverage 88.7%
Shutter Type Mechanical shutter and electronic shutter
Shutter Speed 2-1/1,000 sec. (2 sec. for slow shutter or night scene mode)
Flash Range 0.17 (0.6 ft) - 3.3m (10.8 ft) (wide angle)
0.17 (0.6 ft) - 2.3m (7.5 ft) (telephoto)
Shooting Modes Auto, manual, flash, self-timer, macro, continuous, Stitch Assist, Image (5 menu)
Continuous Shooting Speed 1.2 images/sec
Image Compression Level Normal, Fine, Super-Fine
Storage Media CompactFlash Card (type I and II)
Playback Modes Single image, multiple images (9 thumbnails), slideshow
Erase Modes Single image, all images
Interface Serial (RS 232C) / USB
Video Out NTSC
Power Supply 2CR Lithium-manganese battery (non-rechargeable), NB-5H NiMh battery (rechargeable), DR100A DC coupler plus CA-PS100E compact power adapter (dedicated AC adapter)
Dimensions / Weight 4.1 x 2.7 x 1.3 in / 9.5 oz (excluding battery)
What's Included Camera, wrist strap, video cable, USB & serial interface cables, PowerShot Solution CD ROM, Lithium battery 2CR5, 16MB CompactFlash card w/ case, user's guide


System IBM compatible
Operating System Windows 95,98, NT 4.0, 2000, ME
Processor Pentium 133 MHz or higher
RAM 32MB or more (Win 95/98)
64MB or more (Win NT/2000/ME)
Interface USB (Win 98/2000/ME)
Hard Drive Space 315MB or more for full installation
Display Minimum:  800 x 600 pixels, 256 colors
Recommended:  1024 x 768 pixels, high color (16 bit) or more
System Power Mac, PowerBook, iMac or iBook
Operating System Mac OS 7.5 or higher, Quicktime 2.1 or higer
Processor PowerPC
RAM 20MB or more of application memory
Interface USB (PowerMac NEW G3/G4, PowerBook G3, iMac, iBook) - limited to genuine Apple computer brand models with built-in USB interface - iMac computers running Mac OS 8.1 require installation of the "iMac Upgrade 1.0" and "iMac Firmware Update 1.0"
RS 422
Hard Drive Space 135MB or more for full installation
Display Minimum: 800 x 600 pixels, 256 colors
Recommended: 1024 x 768 pixels, thousands of colors or more

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