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COMMUNICATE! i2000 Video Bundle 
w/Logitech Quickcam Express

communicate i2000 video bundle and logitech quickcam express

This Special Video Value Pack Includes:
  1. 1) COMMUNICATE! i2000 Software
  2. 2) A Logitech QuickCam Express Web Camera
  3. 3) MGI VideoWave IIIse Software
  • Capture smooth motion video or still images
  • Edit and create low-bandwidth, broadcast quality MPEG files
  • Distribute your audio or video e-mail to any address


  • The COMMUNICATE! i2000 Video Bundle combines video conferencing, robust PC communication capabilities, MGI VideoWave and a Logitech Camera - the worlds most popular video software and camera.
  • The COMMUNICATE! i2000 Video Bundle lets users easily manage all their faxes, e-mail, and voice messages, along with video conferencing and video editing capabilities.

Extra Bonus:
Extend COMMUNICATE! i2000 to the web with a FREE 90 Day Trial of I'm InTouch, included with this package

  • By adding the I'm InTouch service from 01 Communique to COMMUNICATE! i2000, you will have complete, remote control of all your fax/voice messages, contacts, and emails. This combination gives you ultimate ease of use and convenience in dealing with all your communications.
  • Now you can turn any PC into a robust, unified messaging, communications center.

  • Complete with Internet Video/Phone, e-mail, voice, fax, paging and data, COMMUNICATE! i2000 gives you everything you need to communicate with the world. The easy-to-use, intuitive interface and comprehensive contact manager takes the hassle out of organizing voice, fax, pager, and e-mail messages and actually reduce paperwork, so you'll have more time to concentrate on running your business.

Logitech QuickCam Express
  • Just plug it in and install the software in minutes. Now you’re ready to see and be seen on the Internet.  Capture stills and video with one click. Snap family photos. Shoot video greetings. Easy-to use software lets you store, print, or send your images off to friends, relatives, whoever. E-mail photos and videos quickly. One click lets you send video e-mail and photos as easily as you send text—even with AOL®. No camera is required at the other end. Viewing is also a click away—whether it’s a Mac or PC.

Product Specifications:

  • Video capture resolutions: up to 640 x 480 pixels
  • Image size: up to 640 x 480 pixels
  • Interface: USB
  • Sensor type: CMOS
  • Compression: fixed data rate hardware intraframe
  • Still image data formats: BMP, TIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TGA, PSD (3.0)
  • Video frame rate: up to 30 frames per second at 320 x 240 pixels with recommended systems
  • Exposure and color contrasts: automatic or manual
  • Lighting: ambient indoor incandescent, fluorescent (50 or 60 Hz flicker-free), daylight
  • Lens: manual focus
  • Audio capture: optional microphone
  • Power consumption: USB 100ma @5V
Communicate i2000 Software
  • COMMUNICATE! i2000 pushes communications software one step further, offering advanced video capabilities that let you send video files perform live video phone conferencing and even monitor your office or home while you're away. COMMUNICATE! i2000 supports up to four analog modem lines for Telephony functions and an optional dedicated Internet connection via ISDN modem, broadband cable modem, broadband xDSL modem or even T1/T3/Internet through a proxy server.  Features:


  • Perform live video phone conferencing
  • Monitor your home or office with motion detection
  • Receive telephone, pager and e-mail notification of detected motion
  • View video mail using play, pause and stop features

Telephone Answering Speaker phone

  • Support for up to four lines - simultaneous processing*
  • Unlimited number of password-protected voice mailboxes with Menu StudioTM
  • Personalize messages based on time of day, day of week, distinctive ring, Caller ID, or all combined with the CallAnswerTM Wizard Voicemail broadcasting, record telephone conversations, speaker phone and call screening
  • Customizable and pre-recorded greetings
  • Play music or promotional messages to callers on hold

Contact Management

  • Import or link to existing phone books (Microsoft Outlook, Maximizer and ACT! for Windows)
  • Contact history of inbound/outbound calls (voice, fax, pager and e-mail) against built in contact manager records

Comprehensive Message Center

  • Universal in-box automatically logs all inbound and outbound voice, fax, data, e-mail and Internet phone messages and unanswered calls
  • Resubmit unsuccessful broadcast jobs to queue
  • Pager messages

Remote Management

  • Notification of new messages to your wireless Internet device
  • Call in to listen and manage new voice and e-mail messages
  • Call in to redirect faxes to other fax machines
  • Receive pager and telephone notification of new fax, e-mail and voice messages
  • Manage mailboxes, passwords, greetings, CallAnswerTM Wizard and administrative options
  • Personal 411 service to look up contact information remotely
  • Auto-forward fax messages to another fax number or as an e-mail attachment
  • Auto-forward e-mail to another e-mail address or as a fax message
  • Auto-forward voice messages as audio mail

Internet Phone, E-mail & Browsing

  • HTML e-mail composer
  • Call i2000 COMMUNICATE! PRO and other H.323-compliant Internet phone users and save on long distance charges
  • Utilize text-to-speech to listen to e-mail messages during remote phone retrieval or phone notification
  • Instant remote e-mail reply during phone retrieval
  • Send and receive Internet e-mail; send Internet faxes*
  • Launch a web browser as needed from a contact record

Fax & Pager

  • Support for up to four lines - simultaneous processing*
  • Schedule, modify or delete outbound faxes
  • Broadcast faxing, Fax back and Fax-on-Demand
  • Re-send and re-queue capabilities
  • Pager Dispatching

VideoWave Software

  • VideoWave®  is the complete video editing and DVD authoring solution for demanding users. Capture video from digital or analog sources, arrange scenes in the StoryLine™, then insert transitions, titles and audio. Enhance your clips with stunning sepia, black and white, mosaic, or selenium filters. Develop professional picture-in-picture effects by overlaying video clips. Create interactive DVD menus, buttons and chapters and preview your projects before burning with full DVD simulation. Burn your projects to CD or DVD or share streaming video over the Web. Includes two free content CDs with video clips, audio tracks, background templates and more.

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