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Kodak Digital Cameras & Accessories

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kodak mc3 mp3 digital camera

Kodak MC3 MP3 & Digital Camera
Resolution: 640 x 480  LCD: 1.6 inch   ZoomN/A  Memory: CompactFlash Type I
470114 $90

 kodak dc240 tangerine zoom digital camera

Kodak DC240 (TANG.) Zoom Digital Camera
Resolution: 1.3 megapixels LCD: N/A   Zoom: 3X  Memory Card: KODAK Picture Card
470115 $220

kodak dc3200 digital camera refurbished

Kodak DC3200 Digital Camera (Refurbished)
Resolution1.2 megapixels LCD: 40.64 mm  Zoom: 2x  Memory: 2MB internal memory
470100 $130

kodak dx3600 zoom digital camera

Kodak DX3600 Zoom Digital Camera
Resolution: 2.2 megapixels  LCD:   45.7 mm  Zoom: 2X  Memory Card: 8MB internal memory
470116 $305

kodak dx3700 digital camera

Kodak DX3700 Digital Camera
Resolution: 3.1 megapixels LCD: 40.6 mm  Zoom: 3X Memory Card: 8MB internal memory
470117 $248

kodak dx3900 digital camera

Kodak DX3900 Digital Camera
Resolution: 3.3  megapixels LCD: 38 mm   Zoom: 6X  Memory Card: Removeable CompactFlash memory card
470113 $380

kodak dx4900 zoom digital camera

Kodak DX4900 Zoom Digital Camera
Resolution: 4.0 megapixels LCD: 38.1mm Zoom: 2x  Memory Card: Removable CompactFlash memory card
470118 $398

Kodak Digital Camera Accessories
Kodak DX Series Docking Station 472069


Kodak Easyshare Camera Bag Compatible w/all DX cameras 472062


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