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Cell Phone Accessory Descriptions

Antenna Booster

cell phone antenna booster

No tools required, simply stick this Universal Antenna Booster in the back of your cell phone battery. No more bad reception! Increases your signal, like extending your antenna up to 4 feet! Price: $10

Auto Adapter/Car Charger

plug in charger or car adapter

This unit allows to power and charge cellular phone from car's cigarette lighter adapter. All of our Plug-in Saver Chargers are intelligent and will switch from rapid charge to a trickle charge once the battery is 80% charged. Price: $15

Belt Clip cell phone belt clip Universal cell phone accessory that can be used as a belt clip or vehicle dashboard mount. It will fit other cell phones, using a quick adhesive mount that takes no time at all to install. Anyone who's ever fumbled around looking for the cell phone while driving will immediately see the value in this simple travel essential. Great for 2 way radios, walkie talkies, CD Players. Price: $10

Cyber Earhook cell phone cyber earhook Cyber EarHook Portable Hands Free Kit weighs less then 1 ounce. EarHook set comfortably on your ear and delivers excellent quality sound. On/off (call answer) button for convenience. Price: $12

Ear bud hands free kit ear bud hands free kit Convenient and compact with clear sounds while driving.   1.5mm diameter jack fits on any cell phone.  It's safe way to use your cell phone while your driving. Price: $10

Data Cable cell phone data cable This versatile data cable lets you easily connect your cell phone to your computer, allowing you to perform such vital tasks as sending a fax or e-mail, accessing the Internet, or managing the phone's name and number directory. It contains a nine-pin connector that plugs directly into the bottom of your phone to communicate with your computer's serial port, leaving your PCMCIA slot free. Price: $45

Flexi-Ear hands free kit Flexi-Ear hands free kit Flexi-Ear hands free kit is a secure and adjustable ear piece which allows clear sound with its flexible microphone while it adjusts to the ear providing commodity and sound clarity in order to facilitate the best conversation. Price: $15

Desk top charger    cell phone desk top charger You can charge a phone and a battery simultaneously or separately. Quick/slow charge - discharge function, LED to show charging status.  All of our Chargers are intelligent and will switch from rapid charge to a trickle charge once the battery is 80% charged. Price: $35


Hands Free Speaker/FM Speaker Kit

nokia cell phone hands free kit HF Speaker Kit transforms your handheld cell phone into a car speakerphone, simply and efficiently. This innovation combines four functions in one: a hand's-free speakerphone, a cell-phone holder, a phone re-charger, and a battery saver! Or The FM Speaker Kit hasthe same great features as the HF Speaker Kit (above) plus, with a push of a button, have incoming sound broadcast over your car's speakers. This feature greatly improves the sound quality of incoming voices. Price: $59 and $79

Leather Case The leather cases are designed to snugly fit your phone and protect it from normal wear and tear. If you leave your phone in your purse, protect it from scratches with this casing designed especially to fit your phone. Prevent those little dings that make your phone look old and shabby. These genuine leather cases looks sophisticated, and keep your phone looking like new. It comes with a handy strap or clip, making it easier for you to secure your phone. Price: $10

Travel charger cell phone travel charger The lightweight fast travel charger is easy to use and portable. It plugs directly into your phone and any 110V outlet to charge your battery. It's  easy carry  travel charger. It can also be used as the AC power cord for desk top charging stand. Price: $42

Window Magnetic Antenna cell phone window antenna Does not require any cable installation, NO WIRES!   Sticks on rear window or side window and creates a Repeater effect to boost your Reception up to 3X!!!!This passive repeater unit boosts your cell phone signal from inside your vehicle.Easily mounts on any vehicle window. Non powered, non wired "repeater" antenna.For use with all portable and transportable cellular telephones.Extends the transmit and receive signals.Signal is picked up by the inside antenna and relayed to the outside antenna. Everything needed to mount and use this unit is provided. Price: $12

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