Nextel hands-free holder and charger

For Nextel I-1000 and I-2000

hands free holder and charger

Nextel hands free holder & charger

Now you can turn your Nextel cell phone into a car speakerphone. This hands free kit enables you to keep both hands on the wheel while using your Nextel cell phone. No more cradling the phone between your ear and your shoulder and no more dangerous one-handed driving.

Hands free features

Hands free installation

Simply plug the hands-free into cigarette lighter adapter, and set your phone in the cradle. A special connector in the base recharges your phone, save your battery and converts your conversations to speakerphone mode. The unit also features a built-in volume control and an adjustable swivel connector between the cradle and the DC plug for perfect positioning  in almost any vehicle.

Compatible with

Nextel I-1000 and Nextel I-2000

The Nextel hands free holder and charger is one cellular accessory that every Nextel user should have.  In one elegant package, you get a cell phone holder, speaker phone and charger. You can talk on your cell phone, get your cell phone's battery charged, and drive safely at the same time. Also works on boats with a cigarette lighter socket.


Price $ 59
Part Number : 600714
Color : Black