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Computer Clock Batteries
(CMOS Batteries)

*Please identify the make and model of your machine when you place an order for  CMOS/Computer clock or Resume/RAM battery.

CMOS batteries (clock batteries) are found on the laptops' motherboards and are responsible for maintaining the time, date and configuration information when the laptops are turned off.

RAM batteries (resume batteries) are found in most newer laptops and are responsible for storing the RAM contents in case of power failure or when the user "hot swaps" the main battery.

Laptop / Notebook Batteries are located on different page. If you are actually looking for a Power Battery for Laptop / Notebook  Click Here.

Battery No. Computer Model Description

Part #


FL4/V60R-U Ultra 386SL, 386SLX/25 (resume) 4.8 V 60 mAh 613713 $18
FL3/V60R-U Ultra 386SL, 386SLX/25 (CMOS) 3.6 V 60 mAh 613716 $15
FL4/V60R-U Ultra NB5500, NB6600 (resume) 4.8 V 60 mAh 613713 $18
FL3/V60R-U Ultra NB5500, NB6600 (CMOS) 3.6 V 60 mAh 613716 $15
FL6/V60R-ZR Ultra TS30AS, TS38, TSA3 (CMOS) 7.2 V 60 mAh 613726 $25
FL6/V60R-ZR Ultra TS30CP5, TS30CS, TS30EP5, TS30PS (resume) 7.2 V 60 mAh 613726 $25
FL3/V11R-PC Ultra TS34X/25, TS34/25C, TS34XC, TS35/25 (CMOS) 3.6 V 12 mAh 613728 $15

If your battery is not listed, let us know the:

E-mail us the answer to the above, and we will quote you a price on a battery that is compatible with your system.