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3Com / US Robotics 56K Modems

These are discontinued modems. For availability and price, email us and we will see if we have any left.

Internal Modems

Modem Model Modem Description


US Robotics 3CP5613 The U.S. Robotics PCI Fax "Gaming" Hardware Modem OEM Packaging 710212
US Robotics 3095 The U.S. Robotics PCI Software Modem is compatible with any PC with a 200 MHz or faster CPU that supports MultiMedia Extensions OEM Packaging 710207
US Robotics 3094 US Robotics PCI Interface Card ,PCI-bus interface 56K modem w/voice. OEM Packaging 710209
US Robotics 3CP5699A 56K Plug and play Data / Fax modem PCI for Windows V.90 710840
US Robotics 2977 PCI Faxmodem PCI Internal Modem V.90 56K Model   2977 OEM Packaging 710206
US Robotics 5610B 3COM US Robotics internal PCI hardware modem, USR 3CP 5610a  Retail Packaging 710862
3COM / US Robotics 5695 56K Internet Call modem. Includes online call notification. Advanced line probing technology locates the most efficient connection path, supports V.90 56Kbps and V.34 ITU standard. 710211
3COM 662974-81 Data/Fax/Voice WinModem. Plug & Play. PCI. 710233
US Robotics 5610a 3COM US Robotics internal PCI hardware modem, USR 3CP 5610a  OEM Packaging 710208
3COM / US Robotics Sportster
Model 5685
V.90. Voice/Data/Fax 710205
US Robotics 5698 The U.S. Robotics 56K PCI Fax Modem OEM Packaging 710214
US Robotics 3CP3595A The U.S. Robotics PCI 56K v.90 Modem OEM Packaging 710213

External Modems

Modem Model Modem Description


3COM / US Robotics Model 5686
56K External Fax modem with V.92 technology. V.92 enhancements reduce your time to connect. Supports the new V.92 standard as well as the V.90 standard. Modem on Hold makes the most of Call Waiting, Caller ID, and Voice Mail services. 710210
3COM / US Robotics 5610A 56K Performance Pro V.90 PCI Fax Modem 710836
US Robotics 5686D US Robotics External Modem V92 56K Model # 5686D in Retail box with USR Connections CD Quick Connect 710204
3COM / US Robotics Sportster Model 5605 V.90. Voice/Data/Fax. Refurbished. 90 day warranty. 710215
3COM 3294 OfficeConnect 56K Business Modem Enhanced V.42bis data compression 710837
3COM / US Robotics 5605 V.90. USB and serial port.  Voice / Data / Fax. 710236
3COM 886A-US Officeconnect LAN Modem 56K Dial-on-demand router with integrator 10BASE-T Ethernet hub and analog phone ports. 710838

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If you are looking for a Modem that is not listed on our web site, e-mail us and we will try to find it for you.

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