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Creative Labs Modem Blaster V.92 Serial DE5621

Part # 710867

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creative external modem di5621
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The Modem Blaster V.92 Serial is the most affordable external hardware modem. It combines the easy installation of an external modem with the performance of a controller-based modem and includes everything you need to get up and going on the Internet. Additionally, it adds the speed and flexibility of V.92/V.44 to enable users to enjoy broadband-like features while still using an analog connection.

  • Enjoy V.92 functionality with V.44 compression for faster web browsing, Quick Connect for shorter dial-up times, and the convenience of Modem-on-hold

  • External 56K modem for easy installation without having to open your PC

  • Controller-based modem with lower CPU utilization for maximum performance

  • Backwards compatible with existing V.90 standard

Features & Performance
V.44 Compression is designed specifically for the Internet to provide faster access to Web pages and maximize the efficiency of data retrieval.

Quick Connect shortens the connection time to the Internet by remembering the connection dialog with your ISP on the first call - reducing subsequent connection time by up to half.

Modem-on-hold works with the call-waiting feature offered by your local telephone company allowing you to place outgoing or receive incoming phone calls when you are on the Internet without disrupting your connection. (Requires call-waiting service).

Controller-based modem frees your PC with the reliability of a fully hardware-based connection without using your PC's processor.

External modem for Installation without opening the PC and a standard serial connection making hardware installation a breeze.

Internet Upgradeabilty so you can download the latest drivers and V.92 protocols at to ensure an optimum transfer speed every time you connect.

PCM Upstream supports an upstream rate of up to 48 Kbps, dramatically reducing the upload time of data files and e-mail attachments.

(V.92 features require support from your ISP that may not be available in some areas. Until that time, this product will run current V.90 protocols.)

This product is protected by a one year limited hardware warranty.

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