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Creative Labs Modem Blaster V.92 PCI  DI15633

Part # 710866

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creative internal modem di5633 PCI
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The Modem Blaster® V.92 PCI is an internal Modem that offers up to twice the speed of V.90 modems and includes additional functionality to enhance your Internet experience.

Incorporating the latest V.44 compression standard, information from Web pages and Internet searches are compressed and delivered to you in no time. With Quickconnect, your modem remembers the connection dialog with the computer you connect to most, like your ISP, making subsequent connections in less time than typical V.90 modem. And, you'll never have to worry about tying up your phone lines while connected. Modem-on-hold works with the call-waiting feature offered by your local telephone company, allowing you to put your Internet connection on hold to place outgoing or answer incoming calls, without disrupting your Internet connection.

Features & Performance

V.44 Compression is designed specifically for the Internet to provide faster access to Web pages and maximizes the efficiency of data retrieval.

Modem-on-hold allows you to place outgoing or receive incoming phone calls when you are on the Internet - without disrupting your Internet connection. (Call-waiting service required for Modem-on-hold functionality.)

QuickConnect shortens the connection time to the Internet by remembering the connection dialog with your ISP on the first call - making subsequent connections in up to half the time.

TAM functionality TAM (Telephone Answering Machine) functionality allows you to use your sound card for modem/voice support without making additional connections. You can set up your own voice-mail system on your PC to receive messages from incoming voice calls.

PCM Upstream supports an upstream rate of up to 48 Kbps, dramatically reducing the upload time of data files and email attachments.

Voice Support set up your own voice-mail system to receive messages from incoming voice calls.

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