E-Tech Gold 56K External Data/Fax modem

Part # 710719

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Versatile modem. Works with both PC and Mac as long as your computer is equipped with a serial port.

Special Features:
1. Firmware Upgradable to ITU Standard
2. Call Progress Display

3. Plug and Play

Modulation Techniques & Speeds:
1. K56 flex 56K bps

2.ITU-T V.34 enhance 33.6K bps

3. ITU-T V.34 enhance 28.8 bps

4. ITU-T V.32bis 14.4 bps

Data Compression/Error Correction Protocols

1. MNP 2-4, V.42

2.MNP5, V.42bis

Fax Features:

1. Class 1 Fax

2. ITU-T V.17 14.4 Kbps

3. ITU-T V.29, V.27 9.6 Kbps
One Year Warranty
Data throughput: ( bps ) 115,200
Fax throughput: ( bps ) 14,400
Speed: 56Kbps Modulation:
V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.22,
V.23, V.21, and Bell 212A/103.
Data Compressional /Error Correction Protocols:
MNP 2-4, V.42...MNP 5, V.42 bis.
Operation Mode:
Contents of this package:
Gold 56k Fax modem
Users Manual, Software
Phone Cord
A/C Adaptor
Gold 56K Faxmodems support ITU-T Standards so connecting with modems having different speeds is not a problem. Automatic Handshaking routines programmed into the software system adjust to the speed of the connecting modem. Gold 56K is completely backwards compatible, yet the 56K series supports V.34 for the highest possible data speed between modems.
enhanced ROM technology incorporated into Gold 56K Circuitry makes firmware upgrades a sanp, and allows you, the user to maintain the latest versions for optimum performacnce.
Easy installation, Long lifetime
Gold 56K supports plug and play, plus Windows 95, so installation is easy...just follow our user-friendly manual and you will be online, and sufring in no time. Gold 56k Faxmodems are designed and manufactured in an ISO9001 cerfified facility, and use the latest SMT components, and assembly methods, easy software upgradability, contributes to the lifetime of this product and our confidence in its reliability extends to full warranty.
Minimum System Requirements:
  • 386 or faster computer
  • Windows 3.1 or or higher
  • 4 MB RAM ( 8 MB recommended)

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