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Cable Modems / ISDN / ADSL modems

These are discontinued modems. For availability and price, email us and we will see if we have any left.

Laptop Modems are now in a separate section at laptops & accessories.

Make & Model
Modem Description Int/Ext Speed Part #
Cable Modems
3Com 3CR29210 3Com's 3CR29210 Office Connect USB Broadband Cable Modem External Cable 710216
RCA DCM105 RCA Digital Cable modem DCM105 designed for connection to a personal computer via Ethernet. External Cable 710846
Linksys BEFCMU10 Linksys BEFCMU10 - EtherFast® Cable Modem with USB and Ethernet Connection External Cable 710847
RCA DCM245R RCA Digital Cable modem DCM245R DOCSIS LED Indicator, Ethernet or USB Connection. External Cable 710845
Zoom Cable Modem 5001 Zoom Cable Internal PCI  Interface Card Internal Cable 710862
Zoom Cable Modem 5011 The Zoom CableModem Model 5011 has a 10/100BaseT Ethernet interface to support a wide range of operating systems, and applications.External Ethernet Interface External Cable 710863
Zoom Cable Modem 5041 The Zoom CableModem Model 5041 has both 10/100BaseT Ethernet and USB interfaces to support a wide range of operating systems, applications and installations External Cable 710864
3COM USR6000 cable modem Harness high speed connectivity for interactive gaming, audio, and video entertainment and for downloading huge files in seconds onstead of minutes. One year warranty. External Cable 710203
3COM 3CR29221 Homeconnect Cable Modem DOCSIS 1.1 2 WAY USB External Cable 710839
US Robotics Model 002940-01 Cable Modem External Cable 710201

ISDN Modems

Robotics ISDN TA
Terminal Adapter
3COM Model # 3CP3468  Voice/Data External ISDN 710834
3COM/US Robotics Courier CI7000 Voice/Data/Fax Internal ISDN 710220
3COM/US Robotics Courier IC6980 Voice/Data/Fax External ISDN 710222
3COM/US Robotics Courier CI7010 Voice/Data/Fax Internal ISDN 710225
ADSL Modems
3COM/Home Connect Transmission Speeds:Up to 8Mbps downstream; 1.0 Mbps upstream Management: SNMP, Console/Craft/ClI; RS232, Telenet,Forum TR-006, ADSL Line MIB External ADSL 710835
US Robotics Model 003382-01 Cable Modem with Network Kit 10BT External Cable 710202

Desktop Modems home page Laptop/Notebook Modems
56K Desktop Modems   Macintosh Modems 33.6K / 28.8K Desktop Modems

If you are looking for a Modem that is not listed on our web site, e-mail us and we will try to find it for you.

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