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RCA Digital Cable Modem / DCM245R

Part #710845

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rca digital cable modem dcm226
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Continuing RCA's leadership and investment in cable products, the DCM245R represents RCA's fifth generation DOCSIS cable modem. Based upon the industry's DOCSIS 1.1 standard and RCA's reliance on our own reference and software designs, the DCM245R is enhanced with dozens of tuning, diagnostics and performance features.

Cable Modem Features

  • DOCSIS Based Design
    The cable modem is certified to work on any DOCSIS 1.1 based HFC cable system. Resident BPI+ certificates enable future upgrades to advanced DOCSIS features
  • Performance
    Advanced silicon enables throughput of over 10 Megabits per second in UDP mode and 7 Mbps in TCP/IP mode
  • Easy Installation
    Upgrade to the latest technology 100 Base-T Ethernet standard. The DCM245 and DCM245R also support the older standard, 10 Base-T Ethernet
  • E-Z Start-Up Indicators
    Easy-to-use LED lights on the front of the unit show the modem status. This provides the user the ability to verify modem operation and connectivity
  • Advanced Upstream Rate Limiting
    This provides an advanced algorithm to minimize network retransmissions of filtered packets, preserving the available upstream bandwidth. Cable companies may limit upstream rates of subscribers, to prevent single users from running server applications in their homes. Less sophisticated rate limiting algorithms lead to high packet loss, resulting in many retransmissions, further straining the upstream bandwidth
  • On/Off Security Button
    Turning the modem off puts the modem into "standby" mode. The modem is still on, and remains locked to the CMTS, responding to SNMP. However, the LEDs all turn off, and the Ethernet/USB connection to the PC is terminated. This is important because many consumers are accustomed to turning off appliances when not in use. Despite being "switched off," the modem remains visible to the network and is, in fact, "always on," enabling subscribers fast and easy use when required. The button also serves as a security feature, assuring the customer that the network will not be accessible if the button is off, alleviating concerns of an "always on" connection
  • Simple-to-Use Illustrated Setup Guide
    The guide steps users through the connections of the broadband cable, electrical power, and Ethernet or USB cables
  • Broadband Services
    Capable of providing internet browsing, e-mail, chat, streaming audio/video, and news services
  • Network Shutdown Recovery
    In the case of a cable area electrical signal outage, in order to avoid all the modems rebooting at the same time, and flooding the networks with collisioned requests, RCA has implemented a feature allowing the modems to reboot at different times thus facilitating a smooth reactivation of the network
  • Security
    Supports BPI+ communications privacy to support secure data exchange between modems and cable operators' servers. The hardware contains a full IP-SEC core, capable of enabling virtual private networks(VPN).
  • Advanced Features
    Cable Operators will appreciate many features to simplify their network management, including an extensive proprietary MIBs, advanced tuning and diagnostics
  • Additional Security Feature, Factory-Installed Security Certificate
    At the time of manufacture, the DCM245 and DCM245R have the encrypted security key installed in the modem to insure uncompromised certificate security. No downloading of security certificates required
  • LED Administrative Disable Indicator
    Helps prevent unnecessary truck rolls
  • Internal Web Pages
    DCM245 and DCM245R web pages allow direct access to information about the status of the modem and other important information.
  • USB and Ethernet Interfaces
    Choose either method of installation-industry standard Universal Serial Bus (USB) or 10/100 Base T Ethernet.

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