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US Robotics PCI Internal Modem V.90 56K 2977

Part # 710206

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Modem Information

usr pci internal modem 2977
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ATTN: This product is a white box version
and comes with Modem and Drivers only.

With the PCI Faxmodem and your ordinary analog phone line, you can click through more Web pages in less time. 3Com's exclusive line probing technology finds the "potholes" in your V.90 connection, and tells your provider's equipment how to avoid them. So the latest weather maps, live audio broadcasts, even streaming video come to you at the highest speed possible on your line.

The U.S. Robotics 56K PCI Faxmodem adds even more value to users' Internet experience: the ConnectionsTM CD-ROM software collection comes with every U.S. Robotics modem. It's jam-packed with all the necessary communications, fax and Internet access software; complete and sample programs for work, home and entertainment. The CD-ROM also includes 3Com Modem Manager -- an easy-to-use tool that shows you the progress of your connection, send and receive speeds and details of your last call. The Connections interface makes exploring and using its features quick and easy. No other modem comes with a software selection so comprehensive, useful and convenient.

Modem Features

3Com's 56K internal U.S. Robotics data/fax modem delivers high-speed 56Kbps download rates so that you can now use the web as a resource, not just for surfing. The modem is compatible with the determined V.90 ITU standard as well as x2 technology, V.34 and earlier standards down to 1200 bps.

This V.90 56K standard modem is still compatible with x2 technology. So you can still choose from over 1400 Internet service providers in the U.S., Canada and all over the world with x2 service now. And when they upgrade to V.90 56K standard technology, your modem will automatically adjust. It is fully compatible with windows 95, 98 and NT.

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