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Part # 710859

zoom 56k external 2945-00-01L
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Product Technical Specifications
* Supports both V.90 and K56flex for up to 56,000 bps data downloads
* 14,400 bps Group 3, Class 1 fax
* Voice mail (requires soundcard)
* Plug and Play (serial), Windows 3.x, 95/98, NT, DOS, and Macintosh
* Controller and DSP upgradeable with Flash memory
* Distinctive Ring Support
* ZoomGuardTM lightning protection
* V.80, H.323, and H.324 compliant (videophone ready)
* Channel 2 Feature-Permits incoming voice calls while online. Allows User to Selectively Answer Phone Calls During Internet Sessions, requires call-waiting service from local phone company
The Zoom/FaxModem 56K Dualmode models are high-speed V.90 faxmodems with voicemail that have the ability to receive data from compatible sites at speeds up to 56,000 bps, and at higher speeds with compression. They incorporate both the V.90 ITU 56K Standard and K56flexTM, the most widely supported non-ITU 56K technology, to achieve download speeds nearly twice as fast as any conventional analog modem. That means fast access to the Internet, World Wide Web, and local area networks (LANs) over standard phone lines

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