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ZOOM TELEPHONICS 56 Kbps USB VoiceFaxModem for Mac Model 2986-00-01L

Part # 710860


Technical Data

zoom 56k external 2986-00-01L
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  • 56K V.90 External Faxmodem for computers with USB
  • Fast and easy to install; just plugs into USB port
  • Windows Plug and Play
  • iMac compatible
  • Configures Automatically
  • Requires no external power supply
  • Flash memory and reprogrammable Digital Signal Processor (DSP) enable easy upgrades
  • Class 1 fax
  • ZoomGuardTM superior lightning protection
  • Channel 2TM Call Waiting
  • Videophone Ready
  • Voice mail (requires soundcard)
The Zoom/FaxModem 56K USB utilizes the capabilities of a computer’s Universal Serial Bus for the fastest and most convenient modem hookup yet! Using the included USB cable, just plug the Zoom/FaxModem 56K USB into your PC or Macintosh USB port; you don’t even have to shut down the computer. The new modem will then be installed automatically and you’ll be ready for fast, reliable access to the Internet, and other dial-up modems. Configuration is automatic and without the potential conflicts of an RS-232 serial port or an internal modem. The Zoom/FaxModem 56K USB doesn’t even need an external power supply. It gets its power from the USB port itself.

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