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V92/V44 PCMCIA PC Card Modem for MAC
Model 3076-00-01L

Part # 710861

zoom 56K external 3076-00-01L
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The V.92 zoom/PC Card 56K faxmodem is a State-of-the-art high-Speed V.92 faxmodem that can be used with a Notebook, Palmtop, PDA, or any Computer with a Compatible PCMCIA slot. It's at home in the office and on the road. Its small size, slim Cord, rugged connector design, built-in daa, and battery-conserving circuitry make the PC, Card 56K the perfect traveling companion

Product Features Supports both V.92/V.42 for up to 56,000 BPS Data downloads 14 400BPS class 1 Fax Distinctive Ring Support PC Card-guardtm Digital PBX protection Zoomguardtm lightning protection

System Requirements: Macintosh

Product Technical Specifications

  • Device Type: Fax/Modem
  • Device Format: External
  • Platform(s) Supported: Mac
  • Highest Data Speed (Modem): 64K
  • Highest Fax Speed (send): 14.4K
  • Highest Fax Speed (receive): 14.4K
  • Fax class: Class 1 class 2
  • Protocols Supported: V.34 plus V.34 V.42 V.42BIS
  • MNP level: MNP 1 MNP 2 MNP 3 MNP 4 MNP 5 MNP 10 (cellular)
  • Cellular phone compatiblity? Yes
  • Comms software Included: Comit
  • Fax software Included: Winfaxlite & dosfaxlite
  • Other software Included: America on Line & genie

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