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Zoom Cable Modem External Ethernet Interface Model 5011

Part # 710209

zoom cable modem external 5011
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The Zoom CableModem Model 5011 has a 10/100BaseT Ethernet interface to support a wide range of operating systems, and applications. The modem is easily installed using the software provided. In addition, Zoom's unique Cable Modem Monitor Software provides user-friendly troubleshooting if problems are encountered on the network. The Model 5011 has been CableLabs® certified, as fully compliant with the Data Over Cable System Interface Specification 1.0 (DOCSIS 1.0), ensuring interoperability and a high level of performance with industry-standard cable systems. It is software upgradeable to DOCSIS 1.1, with the necessary hardware, software and Digital Certificates built into the modem to support 1.1 enhancements. Data over cable service providers are supported further with remote and local diagnostic capability, remote firmware downloads and SNMP support. The cable modem supports up to fifteen PCs and a data rate of up to 42 Mbps downstream from the service provider and 10.2 Mbps upstream. The package includes ZoneLabs' ZoneAlarm™ personal firewall software, AdSubtract™ ad blocker/cookie filter software, a user's manual and Ethernet cable.

Technical Specifications

  • Access the Internet at speeds up to 100 times faster than dial-up modems
  • Provides an always-on Internet connection for instant access
  • Eliminates Internet traffic on your phone line
  • DOCSIS 1.0 tested and certified for operation with industry-standard cable networks
  • Can be upgraded to DOCSIS 1.1 automatically by your cable service provider
  • Easy-to-read status display
  • Stylish, design with vertical and horizontal options
  • Ethernet support for any operating system, including Windows 95, Macintosh, Linux and Unix
  • Unique Zoom Cable Modem Monitor provides network troubleshooting software
  • Includes ZoneAlarm™ personal firewall and AdSubtract™ ad blocker software Ethernet cable, External Cable Modem with Ethernet Connection
  • Frequency 91 to 857 MHz/5 to 42 MHz
  • Data Rate Up to 42 Mbps Up to 10.2 Mbps
  • Modulation 64QAM / 256 QAM QPSK / 16QAM
  • Error Correction Reed-Solomon decoding Reed-Solomon
  • Channel Bandwidth 6 MHz 200/400/800/1600/3200 KHz
  • Easy installation Ethernet connection
  • 56 bit encryption provides privacy and security
  • Highly integrated design for superior reliability External Cable Modem with Ethernet Connection

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