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FireGL 1000 PRO  8MB AGP

Part # 530113

Diamond FireGL 1000 Pro 8MG AGP Card
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FireGL 1000 Pro, 8MB SGRAM,
Permedia P2, 230MHz, AGP

Premium 2D/3D Performance for Professional Graphics

Create dynamic 3D multimedia presentations, advanced 3D models, sophisticated web graphics or texture rich worlds with maximized power. Diamond Multimedia's Fire GL 1000 Pro is the premier graphics accelerator that delivers professional quality 2D/3D performance for power-hungry applications. Based on the next-generation 3Dlabs Permedia 2 graphics chip and rendering engine, Fire GL 1000 Pro introduces dramatic new graphics performance and productivity for Windows NT® and Windows 95®.

Key Benefits
  • Outstanding Windows NT Acceleration
  • Superior 2D/3D for Graphics Intensive Applications
  • Advanced tools for CAD/CAM and Digital Content Creation
  • Optimized OpenGL, Direct 3D and HEIDI® Acceleration
  • Excellent Windows 95 Performance
  • Accelerates Your Windows NT Applications
  • Experience Professional Quality 3D in Real-time
  • Delivers Superior 2D Productivity
  • Design with Maximized Power
  • Chipset
    • 3Dlabs' Permedia 2 Integrated GLINT Delta geometry setup processor
    • 8MB 100MHz SGRAM
    Max Dot Rate
    • Integrated 230 MHz RAMDAC
    • DB-15 with DDC2B support StereoGraphics output for stereo display
    Minimum System
    • Windows 95 or WIndows NT 4.0

    Accelerates Your Windows NT and WIndows 95

    Based on advanced Diamond drivers and hardware design, Fire GL 1000 Pro delivers outstanding Windows NT acceleration for blazing-fast performance and increased productivity for all your graphics intensive applications.

    • Maximized acceleration for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95
    • High-quality driver support based on Diamond's award-winning driver technology
    • Optimal hardware performance due to Diamond's own engineered board design
    • Free online BIOS updates via FLASH EPROM technology


    Experience Professional Quality 3D in Real-time
    Equipped with a powerful 3D rendering engine and hardware accelerated features, Fire GL 1000 Pro delivers professional quality 3D graphics with amazing speed.
    • Maximized acceleration for OpenGL, Direct 3D, and Heidi.
    • High performance graphics based on 3Dlabs' next-generation Permedia2 chipset
    • Conquers the sluggish 3D performance with the integrated 100 MFLOPS GLINT Delta geometry setup processor
    • Hardware accelerated features including rasterization, texture mapping, double buffering, and 16-bit Z-buffering
    • True color 3D resolutions up to 1024x768 double buffered with 16-bit Z-buffer
    • Real-time processing up to 1 million texture mapped polygons per second
      • 83 million textured mapped pixels/sec (perspective corrected, bilinear filtered)
      • 42 million texture mapped Z-buffered pixels/sec (perspective corrected, bilinear filtered)
    Delivers Superior 2D Productivity
    Empowered with high speed memory, Diamond's own quality drivers and an integrated RAMDAC, Fire GL 1000 Pro displays exceptionally high quality images supporting large screen display, rich color-depths and fast refresh rates.
    • Fast screen display with 8 MB of 100 MHz SGRAM
    • Maximize productivity with large monitor support up to 1980x1080 in high color
    • Excellent performance in true color up to 1600x1200
    • High screen refresh rates based on an integrated 230MHz RAMDAC
    • DVD upgradeable for cinema-quality video on your PC
    View Your Worlds in True 3D
    • Fire GL 1000 Pro has an integrated StereoGraphics-compatible connector, allowing users to connect external 3D-shutter glasses. StereoGraphics' liquid crystal shutter glasses provide true three-dimensional, high-resolution, realistic and flicker-free stereo viewing. With this feature, developers can create specialized 3D-visual content, such as 3D modeling and DNA structures and rich VRML environments.

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