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Part # 530316

Diamond Stealth III S540 AGP

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Product Specifications
  • True 128-bit processor-NVDIA RIVA 128
  • Breakthrough 128-bit Windows 95 and Windows NT acceleration
  • Multiple monitor support with multiple cards (Windows NT 4.0)
  • Ergonomic, flicker-free refresh rates up to 200Hz
  • Accelerates all major 3D functions in hardware
  • DirectX (Direct3D) & OpenGL acceleration
  • Full-screen video scaling and TV-quality MPEG-1 playback
  • Upgradable to DVD (PCI) & DTV 2000
  • WHQL certified for compatibility

Product Information
  • Diamond Stealth III S540 introduces a new era in gaming graphic. Integrating state-of-the-art 3D quality features including 128-bit processing, 32MB of memory, AGP 4X support, a 32-bit rendering pepeline and massive texture processing, the Stealth III delivers extreme realism to the hottest 3D games, at ultra-high resolutions. The new Stealth III S540 is a complete solution, powering colorful 2D business applications with lightning-fast speed and accelerating cinema-quality DVD titles. By far, Stealth III is the ultimate graphics value.

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