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Part # 530309

Diamond Viper V770 32MB AGP
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Product Specifications
  • NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 for breathtaking, high-speed 3D graphics
  • 125MHz engine clock, 150 MHz memory clock
  • 32-bit rendering & 32-bit Z/stencil buffer for razor-sharp images
  • Rapid-fire 128-bit 2D acceleration with explosive color
  • 32MB high-speed memory and up to AGP 4X for rapid-fire graphics display
  • Resolution support up to 2048x1536
  • Supports the latest processor technologies from both Intel and AMD

Product Information

Experience unrivaled graphics performance with Diamond`s Viper V770! Viper V770 lets you fly through high-intensity games and demanding Windows and NT business and graphics applications with the highest quality 3D graphics, rapid-fire 2D speed, and breathtaking cinema-quality video. Based on NVIDIA`s RIVA TNT2 processor, Viper V770 beats the competition with cutting-edge 3D features such as 32-bit rendering and a 32-bit Z/stencil buffer, and accelerates the latest software with complete support for OpenGL? and Direct3D?. And with 32MB high-speed memory and up to AGP 4X support, and an extensive assortment of hot software titles, Viper V770 is the ultimate solution for gaming, entertainment and professional business and graphics applications.

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