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Elsa Winner II/ S3 Savage4 Pro - 32MG AGP

elsa winner II s3 savage4 pro 32MG AGP
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Features & Benifits
  • Perspective correction:  Corrects for distance both near and far
  • Filtering: Eliminates blockiness
  • Lighting:  Provides realistic light and shading effects
  • Z-buffering:  Allows one image to overlap another
  • LOD MIP mapping:  Eliminates texture aliasing "jaggies"   (All result in unparalleled 3D imaging and performance.)
  • 6 Year Warranty
  • Exceptional 2D Performance:  128-bit graphics engine
  • AGP 4X/2X modes
  • S3 Texture Compression:  DirectX 6.0APIs, S3TC texture compression when used with AGP can place over 200MB of 24-bit textures in one 3D scene on a PC with 64MB if system memory.
  • WINNER II is built around the new S3 Savage4 PRO 128-bit super pipelined 2D/3D video engine with advanced AGP 4X/2X technology, true 32-bit rendering, and featureing S3TC textyre compression (licensed by Microsoft as a standard in DirectX 6.0 APIs).  The WINNER II offers accelerated drives for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT, with full support for Direct3D and OpenGL ICD.
  • Elsa Settings: Provides you wiht the ability to select virtually any resolution and refresh rate combination/  Enter any resolution in a 32-pixel steps up to 1920x1440
  • Enhanced ELSA 3D Settings:  Adjustable anti-aliasing - Use video memory as texture memory setting - Gamma correction
  • Elsa 3D Settings:  Allows custom/advanced 3D settings
  • ELSA WINNER 11 accelerator card
  • Installation manual
  • Software Driver
  • 3D Game Sampler - over twenty exciting playable games including:
    Descent 3, Motoracer 2, NBA Live 99,
    NHL 99, Need for Spped 3,
    Rouge Squandron, Tom Raider 2, Turok 2, and more.......

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