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Evil Kyro 64MB AGP Video Card

evil kyro 64mb agp video card
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  • Evil Kyro? Sounds like a character in your latest sci-fi horror movie? Well, thankfully no - it's PowerColor's latest graphics card based on the new PowerVR Series 3 "KYRO" graphics processor. Those of you who have been straying in the 3D market for a long time now would instantly recognize the PowerVR name as a challenger to the other graphics accelerators back then. The KYRO is the latest PowerVR chip to hit the market once again, this time taking on even tougher competition from the GeForce 2MX and Voodoo 4 cards.


3D graphics Performance


  • Flat and Gouraud shading / Perspective texturing and shading.

  • Specular highlights / D3D Bump mapping.

  • 8 Layer Multi-texturing support / 32-bit Z/Stencil buffer.

  • Internal True Color ™ 32-bit ARGB internal rendering and layer blending.

  • Full tile blend buffer / Z load/ YUV and DXT textures.

  • Table and per vertex fog / Palletised textures.

  • 16-bit textures / 32-bit textures.

  • Point, bilinear, trilinear and anisotropic filtering.

  • Full range of OpenGL and D3D blend modes.

  • Alpha test / Full scene anti-aliasing.

  • Realistic Environments using 8-Layer Multitexturing.

  • AGP 2x/4x 128-bit 2D/3D/Video Accelerator.
  • PowerVR Series 3 "KYRO" GAME Arcade with 32MB or 64MB Memory.
  • Fast 128-bit 2D Engine & integrated DVD Decode Assist Motion compensation.
  • Superfill rate technology for best 3D image Quality.
  • Deferred Texturing technique for only visible pixels are textured and rendered.
  • Supports all industry standards PC 99A, DirectX, OpenGL & DVI.
  • Integrated 270Mhz RAMDAC support up to 1920x1280 true color at 75Hz refresh rate.
  • Support Optional NTSC/PAL TV-Out with flicker filter.

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