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Part # 530105

Jaton 3Dforce2MX 32 MB
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Jaton Logo      Specifications
  • nVIDIA GeForce2 MX400
  • AGP4x, faster 2D/3D video accelerator
  • High-resolution 2D/3D video/graphics display

Operating Systems:

  • Windows 9x

  • Windows NT4

  • Windows 2000

  • Windows Me

3DForce2 MX (nVIDIA GeForce2 MX400™) is the faster 3D graphics processor and multimedia controller that can drive independent analog output display.

By incorporating GeForce2 MX's break-through 3D architecture, in a 2-pipe form, GeForce2 MX delivers the full GeForce2 GTS 3D feature set at mainstream price points.

GeForce2 MX's integrated HDVP (High Definition Video Processor) can support 720p at the specified frame rates.  When combined with a high performance, high-level software MPEG-2 decoder, and a Digital TV receiver, GeForce2 MX delivers a cost-effective, high-quality HDTV solution. GeForce2 MX also enables ground-breaking new applications like HD timeshifting and digital VCR capabilities

Jaton 3Dforce2MX 32 MB
Get the latest in multimedia
performance and technology with Jatons
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3DForce2 MX (GeForce2 MX400™) takes advantage of the latest advancements in PC computing to provide maximum performance in all graphics applications.  It is the most complete Microsoft® DirectX® 7 hardware implementation and meets all the requirements specified by Microsoft PC 00, PC 99, and PC 99a initiatives.  3DForce2 MX (GeForce2 MX400™) delivers the industry's fastest Direct3D® and OpenGL® acceleration in its class.

GeForce2 MX400™ continue nVIDIA's tradition of bringing leading edge technology to the mainstream with its cost-effective, integrated VGA, 2D, 3D, and video in a single-chip solution.  GeForce2 MX GPU delivers stunning visuals for a whole range of applications from crystal clear, high-resolution 2D/3D graphics on multiple displays to 3D games, to video applications.


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