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Part # 530103

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  • nvidia Riva 128 ZX
  • Fastest 2D/3D at High Resolutions
  • Video Acceleration for DirectX, MPEG-1/2
  • 8MB High Speed Synchronous Memory on board


  • Interactive, Photorealistic and Direct3D Acceleration

  • 32-bit high performance windows 95 and NT 4.0 - DirectX and OpenGL support 

  • Microsoft WHQL certified drivers

  • Integrated 24-bit 250MHz RAMDAC

  • Integrated Triangle Setup Engine 

  • Video Acceleration for Direct Draw/Direct Video, MPEG -1/2 and Indeo

  • Fully support AGP 2X (133MHz data transfer rate)

  • 8MB Synchronous memory on board

AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) is a new graphic accelerator bus interface that provides high-bandwidth pipeline between the graphic accelerator and system memory, allows memory intensive 3D texture data to be stored and accessed without any delay.   Video-78AGP offers unparalleled 2D and 3D performance, meeting all the requirements of the mainstream PC graphics market and Microsoft’s PC’97. Video-78AGP combines all features of RIVA128ZX™ plus SDRAM and SGRAM based framestore support and AGP 2X data transfer. It provides the most advanced Direct3D™ acceleration solution and delivers leadership VGA, 2D and Video performance, enabling a range of applications form 3D games through to DVD, intercast™ and video conferencing.

2D Acceleration
  • 100 MHz 128-bit graphics engine
  • Extensive support for Direct Draw
  • Accelerated primitives - BLT, points, line polygons...etc.
  • Execution of all 256 Raster Operations 
  • Hardware color dithering 
  • Multi buffering for smooth animation

3D Engine (Triangle setup engine)

  • Setup hardware optimized for microsoft's Direct 3D API
  • Slop & setup calculations
  • Efficient vertex caching
  • Rendering pipeline optimized for Microsoft's Direct 3D API
  • Perspective correct true-color ground lighting & texture mapping
  • Alpha blending, texture mapping 
  • Full 32-bit RGBA texture filter
  • Sub-pixel accurate texture mapping
  • Perspective correct per-pixel fog, specular highlights
  • Multi Buffering for 3D animation
  • Mulitpass rendering for mapping and texturing
  • Texture minification filtering with MIP mapping

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The Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP or A.G.P.) is a high performance, component level interconnection targeted at 3D graphical display applications and based on a set of performance extensions or enhancements to a PCI.  A.G.P. neither replaces nor diminishes the necessity of PCI in the system.  This high speed port (AGP) is physically, logically, and electrically independent of PCI bus.

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