MSI G4Ti4400-VTD (MS-8871)




MSI Feature
 MSI Live VGA Driver

 InterVideo WinProducer/WinCoder Ver2.0
 MSI 3D!Turbo Experience™!
 MSI DVD Player

Support Memory


Video Output Function
   TV-out (S-Video connector)
   DVI Connector

Unparallel Bundling! Bundle Supreme Valuable 10 set 3D Games
<No One Lives Forever>

- Full 10 score for Sound effect
  & Overall Title!
- Top action game!

- Full 10 score for Graphics,
  NV25 Optimized!
- Just released exploratory
  action game!

- Full 10 score for Overall Title!
- Excited 3D RPG!
7 in 1 Games Collection

* Ballistics Demo
   * Tom Clancy's Rogue Spear-Black Thorn Demo
   * Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Demo
   * Comanche 4 Demo
   * Fallout Tactics Demo
   * Swat 3: Close Quarters Battle Demo
   * Serious Sam: The First Encounter

Free bundling cables

S-Video extended line (1.8m)
9-pin Mini-extended connector to 4 port Video connector
DVI to VGA connector

DVI to VGA connector
 - Easy to convert the output from DVI to D-Sub VGA, Dual VGA
   output function enabled

Bundle MSI DVD
   - Infinite Multi-Bookmark, you can replay the favorate frames easily.
   - Unparallel Slow/Fast motion display with non-destroyed audio.
   - Multi-language subtitle, up to 4 language display, helpful for foreign language learnning.
   - User friendly interface, support WinXP system.

Bundle MSI developed software
MSI Live Update Series (MSI Live VGA BIOS & MSI Live VGA Driver)
   - Automatically online download & update VGA BIOS & Drivers, reduce the risk of getting
      the worng files, and never have the trouble on web site searching.

3D! Turbo Experience
   - Fancy, Game-looking HTML/Flash Based Tool
   - New revolution! MSI is the worldwide first company to propose the advantage of HTML/Flash
     based utilities. By leading the new software trend, MSI devotes to serve the users a fancy,
     game-looking utility. Are you ready for the new experience now?

   - Automatically release the system memory space, reduce the risk of system hang-up.

   - Instantly enter the data lock mode when you must leave your system for a while.


   - Automaticall list the detail system configuration, it helpful for engineering service people.

Other bundled software
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Trend Micro PC-Cillin 2000
Microsoft® DirectX 8.1

Chipset Features
The nVIDIA nfiniteFX™ II Engine enable a
   virtually infinite number of special effects that
   deliver the next leap in realism to 3D graphics
Dual programmable Vertex Shaders
Advanced programmable Pixel Shaders
nVIDIA Lightspeed Memory Architecture™ II
nVIDIA Accuview™ Antialiasing
3D Textures
Shadow Buffers
4 dual-rendering pipelines
8 texels per clock cycle
Dual cube environment mapping
128MB high-speed DDR RAM memory
High-Definition Video Processor (HDVP)
AGP 4X with Fast Writes
AGP 4X / 2X and AGP Texturing support
32-bit color with 32-bit Z/stencil buffer
Z-correct true, reflective bump mapping
High-performance 2D rendering engine
Hardware accelerated real-time shadows
True-color hardware cursor
Integrated hardware transform engine
Integrated hardware lighting engine
High-quality HDTV/DVD playback
TV-Out and Video Modules
Multibuffering (double, triple, quad) for
   smooth animation and video playback
Microsoft DirectX® and S3TC® texture
nVIDIA Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)
Up to 8.8 GB/sec. memory bandwidth
125 million triangles/sec. setup engine
4.4 billion AA sample/sec. fill rate
1.12 trillion operations/sec.

Complete Linux® drivers, including full
Microsoft DirectX® optimizations and support 
Complete OpenGL® 1.3 and OpenGL®
WHQL-certified Windows® XP/2000/NT/ME/
Windows® XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95 display
Microsoft DirectDraw®, Direct3D®,
   DirectVideo® and DirectActiveX® drivers
   - OpenGL® ICD for Windows® XP/2000/NT/
   - Complete Linux® display and OpenGL®
     drivers support
   - Fully P00, PC99 and PC99a compliant
Support operation system under Windows®
Linux® compatible
API support
OpenGL® 1.3 and lower
Microsoft DirectX® 8.1 and lower

Supports super high resolution graphics

   640x480      8/16/32   bit colors with   150Hz
   800x600      8/16/32   bit colors with   150Hz
   1024x768    8/16/32   bit colors with   120Hz
   1152x864    8/16/32   bit colors with   120Hz
   1280x1024  8/16/32   bit colors with   100Hz
   1600x1200  8/16/32   bit colors with     85Hz
   1920x1200  8/16/32   bit colors with     75Hz
   2048x1536  8/16/32   bit colors with     60Hz



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