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Part # 530122

Visiontek xtasy GeForce TI 4600
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Xtasy GeForce4 Ti 4600™
  • 300MHz GPU
  • VGA, TV In/Out,DVI
  • 256-bit Graphics Accelerator
  • 1.23 trillion operations/sec.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Memory 128MB DDR

  • Live to ride... the top of the line Xtasy graphics accelerator from VisionTek Featuring Nvidia's GeForce4 Ti 4600™ GPU is an explosive freeride of effects and speed.  This is the big burly of the gaming world.   With more than 63 million transistors, 128MB of RAM, mind-blowing 650MHz DDR memory speeds and the fastest ever GeForce GPU pumping 300MHz of graphics, you better be prepared to ride like a professional.  SLIDE ON!

  • Controller:  NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4600
  • Bus Type AGP
  • Memory 128MB DDR
  • Core Clock 300MHz
  • Memory Clock 650MHz DDR memory
  • RAMDAC 350MHz
  • Vertical Refresh See Chart on other side
  • API Support Direct-X® , Open GL ICD® for windows
  • Connectors VGA, DVI, TV In/Out
  • 1.23 Trillion operations/sec.
  • 136 Million triangles/sec setup
  • 10.4GB/second memory bandwidth
Nvidia nfiniteFX™ II Engine

Two words:  Hardcore Effects.  Dual programmable Vertex Shaders, faster Pixel Shaders and 3D textures give developers the freedom to program a virtually infinite number of custom special effects never seen before and gives you the power to play true-to-life characters in hyper-realistic environments.  At twice the performance of GeForce3™, Xtasy Ti 4600 delivers the most realistic game play available.

Lightspeed Memory Architecture™ II

Get ready to slam your deck at uncharted speeds.  With 128-bit DDR Lightspeed Memory Architecture II provides nearly double the memory bandwidth of GeForce3.  Ouch!   Now that's what we call bowel-loosening frame-rates.

Features at a Glance
  • AGP 4x compatible with fast writes
  • 256-bit 3D and 2D graphics accelerator
  • NVIDIA nView™ display technologies
  • Lightspeed Memory Architecture™ II
  • Accuview Antialiasing™
  • High Definition Video Processing Engine
  • TV In/Out connectors
  • DVI connector
Package Contains
  • GeForce4 Ti 4600™ Graphics Accelerator
  • Installation Guide
  • Installation CD
  • Install Guide. pdf
  • Demos
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader™
  • NVIDIA® Unified Driver Architecture
  • Cyberlink PowerDVD™
  • Cyperlink PowerDirector
Accuview Antialiasing Engine

Jaggies gone forever!  This is balls to the walls high-resolution, high-performance visual quality at ferocious frame rates.  Take a deep breath and grab some air, it doesn't get any clearer than this.

TV In and Out Jack
  • Put up or shut up.   Test your excellent gaming skills on your big screen TV so the whole world can see you shine.  TV In/Out connector allow you to play on any size TV in your house with an s-video connector.  Then record your victories on a VCR and port them back onto your computer to edit and send out to the masses.  Now you can always prove you are the king of gaming.
  • IBM PC or 100% Compatible
  • 266MHz or higher CPU (AMD K6-2 or Intel Pentium II or higher)
  • AGP 2.0 Compliant Socket
  • CD ROM  drive
  • Windows 95 OSR2, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP
  • 64MB of RAM

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