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3D Prophet 4000XT 32MB (OEM)

hercules 3d prohet 4000xt 32mb pci video card

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  • PCI 3D Prophet 4000XT 32MB- OEM White Box
    Effective, true, precise 3D graphic rendering is now available to
    all, thanks to the revolutionary designed 3D Prophet™ 4000XT. With a memory clock speed of 115 MHz and optimized use of 32MB on-board RAM the 4000XT is designed to solve your graphic needs without creating a void in your bank account

  • The 4000XT creates lifelike images through its tile-based rendering process. This innovative 3D graphic rendering format reproduces only the visible aspects of an object, reducing the workload, but not the image quality.
    Hercules' commitment to bring leading and innovative solutions to gamers continues with the 4000XT. With this new way of rendering images, objects not only increase in accuracy, but color quality is also enhanced thanks to the Internal True Color™ system. All the blending operations on all the pixels in each tile are performed on-chip in full 32-bit color (16.7 million colors) - whether in 16-bit or 32-bit mode. In 16-bit mode, at the end of the blending process,
    the final texture is trimmed to its 16-bit value. This way, the image quality in 16-bit mode is as close as you can get to 32-bit image quality.

  • Using the innovative Tile-based rendering process game performance is increased and image quality is near perfect.
  • Powered by the Kyro chipset that uses Hidden Surface Removal to optimize the use of memory bandwidth.
  • Textures are mapped only on visible surfaces.
  • Optimized use of 32 MB on-board RAM.
  • Memory clock speed of 115 MHz.
  • Strong 3D acceleration in high-textured scenes.
  • 8-layer multi-texturing offers lifelike 3D environments, and more realistic details on backgrounds and surfaces.
  • Internal True Color™ blends all the pixels on-chip at 32-bit color so as
    not to lose any color precision then outputs in either 32-bit or 16-bit - depending on mode.
  • Full Scene Anti-Aliasing (FSAA) even in high resolution.
  • Environmental Bump Mapping (EBM) simulates rough and bumpy textures with
  • DVD Playback: supports motion compensation, sub-picture overlay blending
    and both horizontal and vertical interpolation for video scaling.
  • 1940 x 1440 true color at 175 Hz refresh rate.

  • Bus - 32-bit PCI
  • Memory 32MB SDRAM, 115MHz Memory Clock speed, 128-bit Memory Interface
  • Chipset - Kyro - 4000XT
  • Resolution - 
    Maximum 2D and 3D:
    Display Resolution Refresh Rates
    640 x 480 up to 120 Hz
    800 x 600 up to 120 Hz
    1024 x 768 up to 120 Hz
    1152 x 864 up to 120 Hz
    1280 x 1024 up to 120 Hz
    1600 x 1200 up to 85 Hz
    1920 x 1440 up to 60 Hz
  • RAMDAC - 270 MHz
  • 3D SPECS - 4 Texture-Mapped, Lit Pixels Per Clock Cycle. Single Pass Multi-Texturing Support, 32 Bit Z-Buffer, Cubic Environment Mapping, Per-pixel lighting and shading, Projective Textures, Procedural Textures, Texture Modulation, Light and reflection maps, DirectX and S3TC texture compression. Bump Mapping, Per Pixel Perspective Correct Texture Mapping. Full Scene, Order Independent Anti-Aliasing
  • Drivers - Windows 95/98, NT, 2000
  • Supports - OpenGL & DirectX
  • Requires- Pentium® II/AMD K6® or faster, Available PCI slot, 32MB RAM, 10MB
    hard disk space, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, Microsoft Windows® 95
    OSR2, Windows 98 and 2000.
  • Connection- DB-15 analog connector
  • 1 yr mfr warranty

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