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Visiontek Xtasy GeForce4 MX420 64mb

visiontek xtasy mx420 pci video card

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  • PCI 4x compatible with fast writes
  • 256-bit 3D and 2D graphics accelerator
  • NVIDIA nView™ display technologies
  • Lightspeed Memory Architecture™ II
  • Integrated 350MHz DACs
  • Accuview Antialiasing™
  • High Definition Video Processing Engine
  • MX memory Crossbar
  • Integrated TV encoder

  • The Xtasy GeForce4 MX 420 bring a new level of graphics performance and flexibility to the mainstream desktop PC. By incorporating nVIDIA's innovative and advanced Accuview antialiasing techniques, the GeForce4 MX GPU is the most feature-rich, cost-effective, and highly integrated GPU available for the mainstream market.

  • nView empowers the user with maximum flexibility in display options and
  • nVIDIA Accuview Antialiasing delivers unbeatable visual quality and
    frame rate.
  •  nVIDIA Video Processing Engine (VPE) enables the highest-quality, full-
    frame rate, full-screen HDTV and VD without requiring high-performance
  •  Most integrated GPU delivers unprecedented features to the mainstream.
  •  Integrated 350MHz DAC drives CRT display with crisp and clear image
    quality at 2048 x 1536 @ 75Hz.
  •  2 dual-rendering pipelines and 4 texels per clock cycle.
  •  Cube environment mapping.
  •  High-performance 2D rendering engine.
  •  nVIDIA Shading Rasterizer.
  • Integrated hardware transform engine and hardware lighting engine.
  • True-color hardware cursor.
  • High-quality HDTV/DVD Playback.
  • True, reflective bump mapping.
  • Multibuffering (double, triple, quad) for smooth animation and video
  • DirectX and S3TC texture compression.
  • 32-bit color with 32-bit Z/stencil buffer.
  • nVIDIA Unified Driver Architecture (UDA).
  • Complete Linux drivers, including full OpenGL.
  • Microsoft DirectX 8.1 and lower optimizations and support.
  • Complete OpenGL 1.3 and lower support.

  • Controller: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420
  • Bus Type PCI
  • Memory 64MB SDR
  • Core Clock 250MHz
  • Memory Clock 166MHz memory
  • API Support Direct-X®, Open GL ICD®
    for Windows
  • Connectors VGA, S-Video
    (VGA only on PCI version)
  • 1 Billion texel fill rate
  • 31 Million vertices/sec setup
  • 2.7GB/second memory bandwidth
System Requirements
  •  250W power supply or greater
  •  IBM PC or 100% Compatible
  • 266 MHz or higher CPU (AMD K6-2
    or Intel Pentium II or higher)
  • AGP 2.0 Compliant Socket
  • CD ROM drive
  • Windows 95 OSR2, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP
  • 64MB of RAM

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