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WinTV GO w/ FM Radio

 huappage wintv go with fm radio pci tv tuner
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  • Watch TV, listen to FM radio and capture still and video images.  WinTV-GO-FM is a single slot PCI card with a 125-channel cable-ready TV tuner and FM radio receiver. Install the WinTV card in your PC and you're ready to watch TV - or video from any source - in a resizeable window right on your PC screen. Or tune to your favorite FM radio program.
  • WinTV offers features usually only seen on high-end television sets, like previewing 16 channels at once. And it goes further! Snap and print still images from whatever you're watching. Record video clips from your camcorder or off the air to create your own high-impact presentations. And with Hauppauge's WinTV-SnapShot application, you can capture still video images in adjustable high resolution modes to 16,00 x 1,200 pixels.
  • WinTV digitizes video using high quality 4:2:2 video sampling. The
    digitized TV image is sent directly into the memory of your PC's VGA
    card without creating overhead for the CPU. So you can work on applications while simultaneously watching TV in a resizeable window. WinTV works with most PCI or AGP VGA graphics adapters which supports Windows DirectDraw.
  • WinTV is a single slot PCI card with a 125 channel cable ready TV tuner with FM Stereo radio. It displays live video in a resizable window on the Windows desktop. WinTV also connects to VCR, video conferencing cameras and camcorder products for video capture and conferencing.
  • The WinTV application has exclusive features like "channel surf", "no-title mode" and "always-on-top mode", making WinTV easy and fun to use! Watch TV-in-a-window or full screen from the 125-channel cable ready TV
    tuner. WinTV will also display video from a VCR, camcorder or any other video composite source.
  • The WinTV includes a complete stereo FM radio receiver. So you can listen to your favorite radip shows while working on your PC. We've included lots of handy features like multiple quick tune buttons and channel
    naming to make WinTV's FM radio receiver easy to use. And with one mouse click you can switch between listening to FM radio and watching TV! 
  • Your WinTV is a high performance video digitizer, and can be used with Internet video conferencing applications like Microsoft's NetMeeting (included), Cu-SeeMe and more! * Requires a camcorder or video camera.
  • Spice up your multimedia presentations with WinTV Capture. Capture motion video and create digital movies in the Microsoft .AVI file format.
  • With Hauppauge's exclusive WinTV-SnapShot application, you can save high resolution video images up to 1600 x 1200! Capture 24-bit still video images in TIFF, JPEG, BMP in color or black & white.
  • Interface - 32-bit PCI
  • Compatible- WinTV requires that your VGA card support Windows DirectDraw.
    VGA products tested for compatibility with WinTV include: ViRGE 3D, Trio 64V+, Trio 64V2 ATI Rage 128, 3D Rage, Rage IIC, and Mach 64 Matrox Millennium & Mystique series Diamond Stealth series

    Viper V330/V550/V770 Elsa Erazor series STB Velocity series nVideo Riva 128, TNT, TNT2, GeForce 256
    3D Labs Permedia 2 Rendition V1000 and V2200 Voodoo Rush, Banshee, Voodoo3 Intel i740 AGP
    ET6000-based Graphics Accelerators Number Nine Reality and Revolution series,Guillemot Prophet/DDR/DDI
    Canopus Total and Spectra series, WinTV includes many Windows Direct Draw driver updates. If you have one
    of the above chipsets and do not have the latest Windows driver which includes Direct Draw, you can get an updated driver from your VGA manufacturer's technical support department.
  • Software- CD includes WinTV-2000 application, WinTV-32 application, WinTV radio, WinTV-Zone, Microsoft NetMeeting and Internet Explorer 4 for video conferencing.
  • Requires- Pentium 90MHz or faster, free PCI slot, sound card, CD-ROM drive, VGA card (PCI or AGP), and Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT 4.0.

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