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  • External TV tuner with Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection
  • TV on your desktop or mobile Mac®
  • Still image and motion video capture
  • Channel Preview
  • Closed captioning
  • "Hot Words" real-time word notification
  • Parental control

XClaim tv usb tv tuner box


External USB TV Tuner

  • 125-channel external TV tuner for your Mac®
  • Watch TV full-screen or in a window
  • XCLAIM™ TV USB EDITION instantly adds TV capabilities to your iMac™, PowerBook®, iBook™ or G3/G4 Macintosh® when USB equipped
  • No additional power supply required
Easy installation
  • XCLAIM™ TV USB EDITION is hot-pluggable for anytime no hassle TV on your Mac®
  • No need to open your Mac® to install
  • Enhance your Mac's multimedia capabilities using the video input support of the XCLAIM™ TV USB EDITION - you can capture still images and save them for later use
  • Capture motion video from a VCR or camcorder using the video input support
  • Use the captured images to enhance your presentations, e-mails, websites and other projects
Intelligent TV Features
  • Waiting for Internet files to download? Your favorite TV show is a click away ready to entertain you while downloading
  • Ease the wait time and catch the news at the same time

Channel Preview

  • Preview favorite stations in seconds, see "what's on"
Closed Captioning
  • Watch TV silently on your Mac® by displaying and reading the closed captioning text
  • Record program transcripts on demand

XClaim TV USB tuner channel monitor

Hot Words
  • Use "Hot Words" real-time word notification feature to let you know when words or phrases are detected, in the closed captioning signal. A great tool for journalists, investors, teachers, students or sports fans

Parental Control

  • Channel locking for parental control of TV viewing

System Requirements

  • Installation software requires CD-ROM drive
  • Cable TV signal or amplified antenna
  • Apple® system with available USB port
Operating Systems Support
  • Mac® OS 9.X full feature support (recommended)
  • Mac® OS 8.6 basic feature support (without overlay support)
  • QuickTime™ 4.0 or higher

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  • XCLAIM™ TV USB EDITION is compatible with all Apple® systems which have USB



  • 5 Year Limited
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