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TV Tuners, Video Capture and PC to TV Video Cards


TV Tuner Make/Brand

TV Tuner Description Part #


Matrox Marvel G450 eTV

Matrox Marvel G450 eTV Watch, capture, create and share with the Marvel G450 eTV - the most complete multimedia entertainment solution featuring Matrox’s coveted third-generation DualHead® display technology, including eDualHead™. 530427 $219

wintv gO w/ fm radio

WinTV GO w/ FM Radio WinTV is a single slot PCI card with a 125 channel cable ready TV tuner with FM Stereo radio.  530587 $72

avertv pci tv tuner card

AVerTV PCI TV Tuner Card Watch TV on Your PC Personal. Video Recorder (PVR), Supports NTSC, PAL N, PAL M 530586 $49

ati tv wonder ve

ATI TV-WONDER™ VE Watch TV on your PC.  Digital VCR and Scheduled Viewing. Set the time and channel TV program. PCI 530585 $56

ati tv wonder

ATI TV WONDER™  Watch TV on your PC in stereo Enable Web TV for Windows 98. Schedule and record TV programs. Capture video and still images. PCI 530602 $82

ati radeon 8500 dv

ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon 8500dv 64MB AGP Stereo TV-Tuner TV-ON-DEMAND™ Time shifting, analog video capture & editing Radio-frequency remote control DVD video playback with Dolby® AC-3 digital audio. AGP  530578 $282

External Solutions

ati tv wonder usb edition

TV WONDER™ USB EDITION External TV Tuner Audio/Video card.  USB Connection 530579 $79

xclaim tv usb edition

XCLAIM TV USB EDITION External TV tuner with Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection   TV on your desktop or mobile Mac® Still image and motion video capture.  530580 $95

No Image 


MediaPhone PCI Video Capture Card (VID-MG-DSP) Captures in AVI format with 640 x 480 maximum resolution (You need a fast processor for higher resolutions. Card tested on a computer with a 233 mmx CPU w/128 MB RAM.  176 x 132 is the highest resolution we could use for fluent capture.). Philips chipset and has inputs for composite, 2-way stereo S-Video,  and microphone. 530039 $25

PC to TV  and TV to PC Signal Converters

digimedia cheese box video converter Digimedia Cheese Video Box Add video-in function to your VGA monitor.  Use with our without a computer system.  External. 532300 $75

MPEG Cards

creative labs ct7160 mpeg decoder

Creative Labs CT7160 MPEG Decoder If you want to send MPEG movie output to a TV or VCR without throwing away your existing card,  use this PCI card. It will take movie output from your current video card and convert it so you can view it on TV.  530764 $75

mpeg playback card

MPEG PLAYBACK CARD Do you have a video card and want to send MPEG movie output to a TV or VCR without throwing away your existing card, use this ISA add on card. No need to buy a new card.  Works with Windows 3.1 only. 530702 $20

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