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TV Tuners and Video Capture Cards

PC to TV Video Cards for External Use



TV Tuners Description Part #


avermedia ultratv usb 300 Avermedia UltraTV USB 300 Take your video entertainment to the next level by combining the functions of your TV, VCR and DVD player into your PC or Notebook. The UltraTV USB 300 allows you to create your own DVD movies, watch TV while using other PC applications, create personal DVD movies, pause, replay, rewind, record live TV and more! Its compact and sleek design is perfect for notebook users. 530594 $119

ViewSonic VB50HRTV TV Tuner 1024x768 high-resolution TV at full screen in 24-bit color, instantly turning your LCD or CRT display into a TV or Multimedia center with multiple video entertainment connections. This set up includes cables and a remote control. 530589


hauppage mytv 800 for mac Hauppauge MyTV 800 for Mac MyTV is a USB TV tuner for the Apple Macintosh marketplace with a 125 channel cable ready TV tuner. Includes composite and S-video input. 530588


  Avermedia TV Box 5 AVerMedia TV Box5. Super sleek, portable AVerMedia TVBox 5 transforms your LCD monitor into a TV and plug-n-play multimedia entertainment station, with or without using a PC. 532307 $190

avermedia usb tv tuner Avermedia USB TV Tuner 181 Channel Cable Ready TV Tuner Function, Image/Video Capture, Motion Capture and Playback 530584 N.A.

ati tv wonder usb edition

TV WONDER™ USB EDITION External TV Tuner Audio/Video card.  USB Connection 530579 N.A.

xclaim tv usb edition

XCLAIM TV USB EDITION Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection  TV on your desktop or mobile Mac® Still image and motion video capture Channel Preview  530580 $95

kworld usb tv tuner

Kworld USB TV Tuner / FM Radio External TV tuner with FM Radio.  USB connection. Supports NTSC/PAL/SECAM 530574 N/A

Image PC to TV  and TV to PC Signal Converters

iaverkey 300 prodv iAVerKey300 
Computer-to-TV Converter is compatible with all PC, iMac DVs and PowerMac G3/G4 for various applications



averkey imicro AVerKey iMicro Project any computer application on to a big screen TV or save it into a VCR. Start a business presentation, create training tapes, display animations, play games or surf the Internet  532306 $110

tview micro video converter

Tview Micro Video Converter Must-have for mobile presenters.  It is perfect for Internet "Video on Demand", DVD movies, demos, or anytime you require a quality VCR or TV-ready computer output. Compatible with all laptops and desktops w/ a VGA-type output connector. 531322 $105

tview gold scan converter

TView Gold External XGA to TV Scan Converter Supports resolutions up to 1600x1280 at millions of colors on both Windows™ and MacOS™ platforms.  Includes remote! 530044 $199

digimedia cheese video box Digimedia Cheese Video Box External. Add video-in function to your VGA monitor.  Use with our without a computer system.   532300 $85

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