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Compact Flash Memory

Compact flash memory for digital cameras, PDAs, Laptops and GPS systems etc.

Compact Flash Memory Description

Part #

8MB Compact Flash


16MB Compact Flash


32MB Compact Flash


48MB Compact Flash


64MB Compact Flash


128MB Compact Flash


256MB Compact Flash


512MB Compact Flash


1GB Compact Flash


Combo Card Reader. Reads Compact Flash cards, SmartMedia cards and IBM Micro Drive


Flash Memory card reader. For use in desktop PC's. If you have a digital camera that stores images on compact flash cards, you will need this reader to transfer images from your camera to your PC. Fits into a regular 3.5" drive bay.
You will also need a Compact Flash Adapter if you don't already have one.


IntelliFlash USB Flash Memory Reader. An all-in-one solution for high-speed, bi-directional image and data transfer. Images and data can be downloaded quickly from flash memory cards used in digital cameras, digital audio recorders, etc.  Includes connections for PC Card types including SmartMedia™, PCMCIA Types I and II and CompactFlash™ (with adapter).  Supports both PC and MAC.


Compact Flash Adaptor 519000-CF-ADAPT
Compact Transfer to PCMCIA Adaptor


Multi Slot USB Reader/Writer 5 in 1


Multi Slot USB 1.1 Reader/Writer 6 in 1 


Multi Slot USB Reader/Writer 7 in 1


64MB compact flash card, Compact Flash Memory About one-third the size and 40% the thickness of a Type II PC card, CompactFlash™ cards offer complete PCMCIA-ATA functionality and compatibility. They are rugged, consume low power, are transportable, and can link numerous types of electronic devices, including digital cameras, digital music players, PDAs and more.

This is a Generic Product and the picture does not reflect accuracy of the memory card manufacturer

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1gb compact flash memory