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PC4000 DDR 500 Memory

PC4000 (FSB 500 MHz)  DDR Memory Type Specs. MB Part#

Standard Non-ECC 500MHz 184-pin Unbuffered DIMM (SDRAM-DDR, 2.6V, CL3, 400mil, TSOP, Single-Sided, Gold)

256MB HyperX DDR 500MHz DIMM 32Mx64 256MB 510527
512MB HyperX DDR 500MHz DIMM 64Mx64 512MB 510528
1GB HyperX DDR 500MHz DIMM 128Mx64 512MB 510529

Lifetime Warranty on PC4000 DDR memory.

* All Prices are subject to change without notice

* We try to keep the DDR memory pages as accurate as possible but prices in the memory industry can be very volatile at times and often change on a daily basis.  All PC4000 DDR 500MHz memory orders may be subject to price verification before shipment. 

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