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Flash Memory Cards
PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), Handheld Computers, Laptop/ Notebooks, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, Digital Video Cameras, Global Positioning Units (GPS), Sony Digital Cameras

compact flash smart media memory

Compact Flash Memory

Flash ATA Memory

Smart Media Memory

Secure Digital Memory

ata flash card
compact flash smart media memory reader

Multimedia Memory

Memory Sticks

xD-Picture Card


seven in one flash card reader

We also offer the following:

Intel and AMD CPU's and processers

CPUs / Processors

Intel, AMD, VIA Cyrix
coolpix 2500ge digital camera

Digital Cameras
Sony, Cannon, Kodak, Nikon,
Communications Unit of

Communication products
NIC Cards, Hubs, Routers, Modems

Motherboards - DDR, Intel, AMD

MSI, Soyo, Asus, Tyan,

The difference between Generic and Proprietary Memory is that Generic Memory is made as per general specifications. It usually works out fine for many systems but is not guaranteed to work in any specific system. Since it is manufactured in bulk, it is significantly less expensive than Proprietary Memory. Proprietary Memory is made to system specifications and guaranteed to work in that system. We sell both Generic and Proprietary Memory.

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