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Fujitsu System Memory

System Model Description Part# OEM Part# Price
Cordant, Myrica 32MB PC100 DIMM 516000-F464P N/A $67
ErgoPro E368, eD, M665, X365        
Cordant, Myrica 64MB PC100 DIMM 516000-F864P N/A $120
ErgoPro E267, E368, eD, M665, X365        
Cordant, Myrica 128MB PC100 DIMM 516000-F1664P N/A $220
ErgoPro E267, E368, eD, M665, X365        
ErgoPro E267 256MB PC100 DIMM 516000-F3264P N/A $432
ErgoPro M664 32MB SDRAM DIMM 516000-F464S N/A $120
ErgoPro M664 64MB SDRAM DIMM 516000-F864S N/A $120
ErgoPro M664 128MB SDRAM DIMM 516000-F1664S N/A $226
Teamserver C770i 64MB ECC EDO DIMM 516000-F872E N/A $233
Teamserver C770i 128MB ECC EDO DIMM 516000-F1672E N/A $439
Teamserver C800i, G800i 128MB ECC Registered DIMM 516000-F1672R N/A $279
Teamserver C800i, G800i 256MB ECC Registered DIMM 516000-F3272R N/A $585

If your system is not listed, Contact Us us the make and model number of your system and we will try to find it for you.