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Multimedia Card (MMC)

For digital cameras like JamCam and others, PDAs, MP3 Players, GPS systems etc.

Multi Media memory Description

Part #

16MB Generic Multi Media Card


32MB Generic Multi Media Card


64MB Generic Multi Media Card


128MB Generic Multi Media Card



Multi Media Card Reader


Multi Slot USB Reader/Writer 5 in 1


Multi Slot USB 1.1 Reader/Writer 6 in 1


Multi Slot USB Reader/Writer 7 in 1


multimedia card duo. multimedia memory card for jamcam and other digital cameras

Weighing less than 2 grams and taking up the area of a postage stamp, MultiMediaCards are the world's smallest removable flash memory for portable devices like digital audio players,digital cameras, and PDAs. In addition to its distinct size advantage over other form factors,the MultiMediaCard's low power draw makes it highly suitable for battery powered mobile applications. MultiMediaCards offer fast access to your data and are reliable, cost-effective, and durable for the on-the-go lifestyle.

This is a Generic product and the picture does not reflect accuracy of the memory card manufacturer.

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multimedia memory card for jamcam and other digital cameras