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NCR System Memory

System Model Description Part# OEM Part# Price
3333 4MB Memory Module 516000-3347-F102 3347-F102 N/A
3333 16MB Memory Module 516000-3347-F104 3347-F104 $113
Model 3230, 3330, 3000, 4000 Series 4MB Upgrade Kit 516000-3330-F100 3330-F100 N/A
Model 3230, 3330, 3000, 4000 Series 16MB Upgrade Kit 516000-3330-F101 3330-F101 $113
Model 3205 (PC286), ELPC386SX 2MB Upgrade Kit 516000-3302-K102 3302-K102 N/A
Model 3215 (PC386SX/20) 2MB Upgrade Kit 516000-3304-K106 3304-K106 N/A
Model 3215 (PC386SX/20) 8MB Upgrade Kit 516000-3304-K107 3304-K107 $60
Model 3320 (PC386SX/MC20) 4-16MB Expansion Board 516000-NC6094 N/A N/A
Model 3340 (PC486/MC25) 8MB Upgrade Kit 516000-3314-K104 3314-K104 N/A
Model 3350, 3410 8MB Upgrade Kit 516000-3350-F/K120 3350-F/K120, 3355-F120 $60
Model 3350, 3410 16MB Upgrade Kit 516000-3350-F/K121 3350-F/K121, 3355-F121 $113
Model 3350, 3410 32MB Upgrade Kit 516000-3350-F/K130 3350-F/K130, 3355-F130 $226
Model 3350, 3410 64MB Upgrade Kit 516000-3355-F/K131 3355-F/K131 $426
NCR WorkMark 4380 256MB Kit (4 pieces) 516000-HNCWM4380-1024 N/A $3473

If your system is not listed, Contact Us us the make and model number of your system and we will try to find it for you.