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NEC Printer Memory

All prices are subject to change on a daily basis.*

Printer Model Description Part# OEM Part# Price
NEC SilentWriter 95
NEC SilentWriter 95FX
NEC SilentWriter 97
NEC SilentWriter 97FX
2MB Memory Module 518000-9502 9502 NA
NEC SuperScript 870
NEC SuperScript 1260
NEC SuperScript 1260N
16MB Memory Module 518000-N870/16 NA $22
NEC SuperScript 1800N
NEC SuperScript 4400
NEC SuperScript 4400N
16MB Memory Module 518000-N870/16 NA $22
32MB Memory Module 518000-N4400/32 $40
NEC SuperScript 4650
NEC SuperScript 4650N
NEC SuperScript 4650NX
64MB PC100 DIMM 518000-SS4650/64 SS4650/64 $41
128MB PC100 DIMM 518000-SS4650/128 SS4650/128 $44

* We try to keep the NEC printer memory pages as accurate as possible but prices in the memory industry can be very volatile at times and often change on a daily basis.  All NEC printer memory orders may be subject to price verification before shipment.  If your order is affected by a price change, you will be contacted and given the option to approve the new price or cancel the order.

If your printer is not listed, Contact Us the make and model number of your printer and we will try to find it for you.