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xD-Picture Card (P-XD)

Compatible with Olympus and Fuji cameras and other xD compatible devices

xD Picture Card Description

Part #

32MB xD picture card


64MB xD picture card


128MB xD picture card


256MB xD picture card


512MB xD picture card 519000-PXD512MB
Multi Slot USB 1.1 Reader/Writer 6 in 1 (CF/SM/SD/MMC/MS/MD)


Multi Slot USB 2.0 Reader/Writer 6 in 1 (CF/SM/SD/MMC/MS/MD)


Multi Slot USB Reader/Writer 7 in 1


olympus xd picture card, fuji xd picture card,

The xD-Picture Card is a new flash card standard devised by Olympus and Fuji Film. It is certain to become the standard for the rest of the world. xD-Picture Cards are the only xD cards that support the panorama function found on most Olympus and Fuji digital cameras. Compatible with Olympus, Fuji cameras and any manufacturers xD compatible devices.

This is a Generic product and the picture does not reflect accuracy of the memory card manufacturer.

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xD-Picture Card (P-XD)